1. Yagich

    ERS Vanwall Vandervell 680 LMH | Sponsored skin 1.0

    Real sponsored skin for ERS Vanwall Vandervell 680 LMH. Car download link: http://www.eliteracingstudio.com/subpages/PRESTASHOP/index.php?id_product=1&rewrite=prototype-980-lmh&controller=product
  2. Rapier22.CM

    [FICTIONAL] VRC Pageau 9T8 LMH - FC Sochaux 2024 1.1

    ON THIS EDITION OF PARFAIT'S FIELD FILLERS Simply put, a livery based on FC Sochaux, a club formed by Peugeot's workers! Two cars are available to be used in WEC rounds. Think you have what it takes of wheel them and beat the Toyotas? Bonne Chance! Car : VRC Pageau 9t8 can be bought here...
  3. Ferdi Riman

    VRC Pageau 9T8 - #51 Ferrari AF Corse Livery Swap 1.2

    I was bored so I decided to slap the incredibly Italian livery into the undoubtedly French 4-wheeled no-wing machinery Credits to MEDIIZA Designs for Real Tyres: https://www.racedepartment.com/down...-9t8-interior-stickers-interior-lights.66370/ Credits to Perorocino for the cockpit...
  4. Ferdi Riman

    VRC Pageau 9T8 - #5 Reebok Peugeot Sport 1.0

    VRC's brand new iteration of Le Mans Hypercar to date, the VRC Pageau 9T8, is an excellent recreation of a certain French car without a rear wing, and so I decided to try and whip up a fantasy livery that's based on the Reebok sponsored Hasemi Motorsport's R32 Skyline from JTCC back in the early...
  5. Rapier22.CM

    VRC Pageau 9T8 LMH - WEC 2024 - 1999 206 WRC Skin 1.0

    On this Edition of Assetto Corsa Isekai : Peugeot 206 was a stunning rally car. It won some championships and propelled the Marcus Gronholm name into the WRC history books. But their debut season in 1999 was more or less a mixed bag. Scoring at least a podium but no rally wins just yet. Now...
  6. Erik_27

    Cadillac V-Series LMH Dashboard V1

    SAMPLE VIDEO: VVV Some info below images VVV 2 Pages: Idle Race Just open the .rar file and double click on the file inside. Make sure to install the fonts if SimHub asks for them. NOTES: The dash does not show some data like live tyre data like pressure and temperature due to iRacing...
  7. CrestedIsland

    LMH/LMDh BoP Preset v2.0

    Hello! This is my mod to balance the performance of the good Le Mans Hypercar and Le Mans Daytona h mods. Playing AC and trying to race the Hypercars/GTPs I noticed the balance of performance was pretty off. This mod is intended to bring all of these cars to the same performance for not only...
  8. joshualee_78

    Aston Martin Valkyrie LMH 007 0.9.1

    Trying to replicate livery from their WEC return announcement. Driver suit and gloves from Hoksu (yes i use alonso driver suit cuz why not?) Use Extra option A for interior light at night Please check the read me for mod info install the skin manually to...
  9. Geraint Thomas

    World Endurance Championship 2023 1.21

    World Endurance Championship 2023 Drive for the LMH, LMP2 or LMGTE category in the WEC 2023 This was a special one for me, as I was at the 24 Hours of Le Mans this year to watch Ferrari pass the start/finish line. An incredible moment, and I've wanted to re-create this since. Now that I've got...
  10. TheCameraGuy

    2023 FIA WEC Toyota Gazoo Racing GR010 #7/#8 (ACSPRH) 1.1

    Hi guys, To finally round off my collection of the 2023 FIA WEC hypercar class skins, here is a full complement of the Toyota GR010 hypercar team currently competing in the season, accurate as of Round 5 - Monza. Made for the urd_gr010, this skin is exported in 4k ( uncompressed) and is...
  11. TheCameraGuy

    2023 FIA WEC Peugeot TotalEnergies 9x8 Driver Helmets (ACSPRH) 1.0

    Hi guys, Here is a rather small pack of driver helmets for Peugeot Totalenergies 9x8 currently competing in the 2023 FIA WEC Season. This is made as a complement to @Maurienne73 's excellent skinpack for the Peugeot 9x8 which I highly recommend downloading. If you would like a bit more...
  12. Rapier22.CM

    [FICTIONAL] Peugeot 9x8 WEC 2023 FC Sochaux 1.0

    On This Edition of Parfait's Field Fillers : FC Sochaux is a club founded in 1928 by none other than Peugeot! It acted as a factory club for the team and won various championships along the way. Sadly, this club is currently not in a good shape, playing outside of the top division with some...
  13. TheCameraGuy

    2023 FIA WEC Glickenhaus Racing Driver + Pitcrew Kits (ACSPRH) 1.0

    Hi guys, Here is the full complement of high-fidelity driver and pitcrew skins in 2k for Glickenhaus Racing currently competing in the 2023 FIA WEC season, and also a set of custom tire skins (for the urd_scg007_lmh) for both Le Mans and WEC versions. This pack does not include car skins, of...
  14. TheCameraGuy

    2023 FIA WEC #4 Vanwall Vandervell 680 (ACSPRH) 1.1

    Hi guys, Back with another pair of skins for the Hypercar class, this time the lone Vanwall Vandervell 680 entry currently competing in the 2023 FIA WEC season. Both skins created entirely from scratch and in high fidelity (4k, uncompressed). As always, a high attention to detail has...
  15. TheCameraGuy

    2023 FIA WEC #99 Proton Competition Porsche 963 (ACSPRH) 1.0

    Hi everyone, to round up the Porsche lineup for the 2023 WEC season, here is the full package for Proton Competition's #99 recent entry. Done completely from scratch with a high attention to detail as always, accurate as of Round 5 - Monza. This skin is designed for tg_Porsche_963_LMDh, but...
  16. AfersonPex

    499p Skinpack 02 (18 grid fillers) 1.0

    Best car in the world, especially with the physics and sound updates. Here's 18 more skins. My favorite is #83 Bloody Roses, but they're all kinda nice. #80 Rich Boy Pink is a close 2nd. Have fun, go slow to go fast! Also, I got most of these seamless patterns from image searches. If you...
  17. pparas48

    Porsche 963 LMH Pack #5, #6, #38, #99 1.0

    This mod is based on the Vanwall 3D model and I tried to replicate the skins the best I could. It's certainly something that you can use to complete the field of LMH cars and race against for more immersive experience. For installation extract the file in your rfactor2 directory. Enjoy!
  18. pparas48

    Cadillac Racing WEC LMH #2 1.0

    Cadillac Racing as they race in the 2023 WEC Championship. There are some small differences from the actual car but this is due to limitations of the 3D models, once different. I tried to recreated the best possible. In the next few weeks I will work also on the 24h of LeMans version of the same...
  19. AfersonPex

    Ferrari 499p Skinpack (13 grid fillers) 1.0

    499P is hot, but there aren't any many skins for it yet. Decided to try and make a few. We got dragons, polka-dots, tactical camo and more! Tried to optimize many of the textures but I'm still new at this. Go race! Have fun.
  20. N

    Porsche 963 Proton Competition Leak v0.2

    I saw the leaked Proton Porsche for the upcoming Monza 6h race so here it is... However I only had a side view to go off so this isnt perfect but it should be a decent placeholder until we get to see the entire car...