1. B

    Linux support

    ...or at least try to make sure it works well in Proton. Project Cars 2 works a treat with Proton, and many, many other games, so it can be done.
  2. fyshstyx

    Racer on Linux...

    Hello, its been awhile! I want to run at least Racer on Linux, but it doesn't work correctly under Wine. I keep getting issues when going into race mode where it infinitely sits on "Waiting for connection..." If someone knows a way to fix this or can point me where to get a recent...
  3. er185

    Dakar 18 - The Game

    Bigmoon Entertainment with the Deep Silver colaboration have announced Dakar 18 for PS4, XOne and PC/Steam. Dakar 18 will use Unreal Engine. Presentation replay at Lisboa Games Week 2017 First trailer January 12th
  4. zh3000

    DRTelemetry 1.1

    Shows telemetry data from DiRT Rally in a Browser... customizable styling fancy transparency single binary, no dependencies The video shows how DRTelemetry can be used with OBS. Instructions can be found here: