1. H

    Issue when creating new AI Lines

    When recording new AI lines for any track, my side lines (in red) become messed up and obviously causes the cars to crash on the start line as they think its the edge of the track. Not sure what's causing this or how to fix, I tried to record new track edges with the AI Line Helper but it...
  2. Punk Potato

    Improved and faster AI for Melbourne (Albert Park) 1.0

    Lap in the Ferrari SF70H (MCL32 livery) (slight swerving on the beginning of New AI footage, is caused by the car trying to defend the position from the car behind) Features fixed AI swerving on the straights fixed AI slowing down in turns: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14 fixed AI going off the...
  3. D

    Le Mans AI 1.0

    Eliminates the yanking after the first chicane and takes a better line through a few corners. LMP1 seems to be around a second faster. Let me know if you find any issues.
  4. D

    Silverstone GP AI fast lane 0.9

    An update over the default AI line for Silverstone GP. Fixes errors like the AI not going flat out through T5 and gives them better exits on many corners. GT3 will be 1.6 seconds faster there and will be way more fun not running into their backs when they get poor exits. Please report any...
  5. B

    Better AI For Monaco 1.1 Track 1.0

    After driving Monaco with F1 cars I found the AI lines very bad so I improved them myself, the AI times improved by about 5-6 seconds. I have only tested with F1 2017 modded cars.