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  1. arkloh

    White Lightning RSeat BMW 1.0

  2. davidjoshuamusic

    WDTS 180sx - Lightning Skin Pack 1.0

    Car Mod Source: http://worlddrifttour.com/ So, I love the World Drift Tour Street Pack, but I've been bored with the blank skins. Was making my own skins for video content and thought others might enjoy it as well. Also, I included a couple "murdered out" versions with flat colors and the main...
  3. FFF789

    New Jersey Motorsports Park Lightning 1.0

    I loved the track, so I contributed two additional and different TV cam sets, called TV Classic and TV Static cams set. When unzipped it'll install after the original four TV cam sets. Check my other TV cam resources, and please leave a rating if you (don't) like them.
  4. G

    Light Fix no Bloom 1.0

    Hello Iv'e seen a lot of people on Youtube etc. that say the Lights are to bright and i have a simple fix for that! For better explanation look on the Codemaster Forum https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/39500-pc-fix-for-the-new-lighing-system/ And now how to change it 1. Open your...