1. kieranhendy

    Lexus LFA Style Dashboard Texture | DonnerTech ECU 1.0

    This texture pack is based off the Lexus LFA dashboard screen. Note: Due to limitations the text on the screens is still white - currently waiting for a response from the mod author about being able to change the text colour. Note: The needle doesn't change for me but I've included it incase...
  2. Ofitus21

    Lexus LFA physics rework V2.5

    The Lexus LFA is an iconic supercar. Although expensive, it's uniqueness makes the japanese supercar one of a kind. Sadly, no mods are available for Assetto Corsa, at least not mods with good physics. That is why I decided to take this Lexus LFA mod and create brand new physics for the car. I...
  3. g25driver

    Lexus LFA - Lexus LFA TDE Official Configurator Pack 1.1

    The Lexus LFA & LFA TDE Official Configurator Pack contains all the colours choices from the Lexus LFA configurator. The Lexus LFA TDE (track edition) contains striped variations of the official colours. Credit to original work goes to Peter Utecht.