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  1. L

    60s Legends: F1 1961 1962 1.0

    F1 1961 and 1962 for rFactor. Courtesy of Luigi70 and SamAlex
  2. SNIPE57027

    Legends Car Championship Assetto Corsa 1.0

    Legends car championship AC: Tracks: -Magione -Imola -Nurburgring - Sprint -Highlands Short -Silverstone - National -Vallelunga - Club -Zandvoort -Vallelunga -Highlands Short -Magione To install: Go to \documents\ folder next \Assetto Corsa\ than \champs\ and paste there the content...
  3. F

    GPL-1967 Career mode (for the GPL-1967 mod) 1.0

    After getting the brilliant "GPL-MOD 1967" and getting hooked on classic F1, I went looking for a career mod that mimicked the '67 GP season, but couldn't find any. Perhaps not a sought after thing in the Assetto Corsa community, but I sat down and made my own career GP for it, and I thought I...
  4. SkyFall


    SKYFALL F1 1992 CLASSIC LEGENDS Mod v2.0 Creative Concept/Art by @SkyFall Team Artist/Modders: @talisman [Cars & Driver Helmets / Game Base Mod] @chianamik [Database Engine Specs / Tracks / Car Upgrades] @doc303...
  5. Juise

    Legends Cars Mod 1.0.7.

    Legends Ford '34 coupe Final Release 1.0.7. -remove any old installations of the mod- "When you're driving fast, it kind of glides on the track" Legends race car mod built using real life legends data by legends mechanic with legends racing experience. Mod includes over 60 real life skins...
  6. krissboo

    Terry Milnes Gulf Mini Skin 1.0 Final Final Version

    A skin for the Austin Mini Cooper from the Touring Car Legends mod. This is the the number 24 car driven by Terry Milnes in the classic Gulf colours which races regularly in the Can-Am Mini Challenge series. This is my first proper (serious) skin release and it actually took me far longer than...
  7. Gaara CewoFan

    F1 Old School Mod 1.0

    List of teams and drivers: Mercedes 2013-2016: Hamilton & Rosberg Ferrari 1976-2006: Schumacher & Lauda Red Bull 2010-2019: Vettel & Verstappen McLaren 1988-1989: Senna & Prost McLaren 1997-2006: Raikkonen & Hakkinen Renault 2005-2006: Alonso & Fisichella Brawn 2009: Button & Barrichello...
  8. brrupsz

    Po Linii GT Legends 1.2

    Po Linii GT Legends v1.2 by PoLinii.com Description: ========================================================================================================== PLGTL is a physics modification for GT Legends made by Po Linii team. Our goal is to get the best handling experience out of GTL...
  9. GTR233

    GT Legends DEMO 1.3

    GT Legends 10th Anniversary Patch for the Demo v1.3 --------------------------------------------------- ---WARNING--- : GTL DEMO WORKS ONLY WITH Windows XP so do not try to install it on modern Win7/8/10 because STARFORCE driver is no more compatible !!! ---WARNING--- #2 : IF YOU DID NOT...
  10. Meff28s

    F1 Legends - Part 2 1.0

    35 years of Formula One... PART 2
  11. Meff28s

    F1 Legends - Part 1 1.0

    35 years of Formula One... This mod is made for the Classic part of the game only (the regular 2013 part doesn't work properly). Enjoy shorter races (25%=10min / 50%=20min / 75%=30min / 100%=40min) with 22 drivers and 17 cars, the best of the last 35 years of Formula One. PART 2 ...