1. apollosteamp

    Brightness Asseto Corsa

    My game updated today and my brightness change a lot. There's too much brightness on my game and the LEDs of the steering wheel (of some cars) are with too much brightness, much different than before the update. Someone can help me? ( I use CSP and Sol )
  2. romainrob

    SimHub Rev lights 1.1.0

    SIMHUB - REV LIGHTS Hi! This is a SimHub overlay. It will work with many SimHub supported games. It comes in 2 versions. Left to right and outside to center: You can adjust the shift point in the SimHub "Car settings" screen, as a general setting or per car: Enjoy!
  3. basthard300

    SimHub RGB LEDs for new Editor 1.5

    To import, simply go to the new editor and select "Profiles manager" and at the bottom select "import profile". obviously the conversion is suitable for both 16 and 32 LEDs. "Ensi Ferrum" Plugins are required for operation. this is my conversion to the new editor for those interested, with my...
  4. D

    Corsair RGB Keyboard RPM LEDs 0.3

    If you have a Corsair keyboard with RGB you can use this app to make it light up like the RPM LEDs in any racecar. For this to work you will need to activate the SDK option in iCUE, the rest is included with the app. The F1-F12 keys are used to display the current RPM while the number keys...
  5. Morgan Gardner

    SimHub AutoDim Plugin 1.0

    SimHub AutoDim Plugin This plugin enables SimHub to automatically set the RGB leds brightness depending on the current time. The dim and un-dim times can be set (24 hour), as well as the percentage values, in the plugin's settings page (see image above). The plugin has three properties...