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  1. DarXtreme

    Ferrari F2004 AKR Simracing 2019-03-31

    AKR Simracing is a esport team dedicated exclusively on driving simulators (principally, Assetto Corsa). During the years we won numerous competitions in Italy. These results gave us some attention and now we are officially an Amaetur Sport Association, with our driving centers where our coaches...
  2. Z

    GTR2 Petition for creating a dedicated lobby server with RD

    GTR2 is such an iconic game -even after 13 years after launch. During this time, the world of sim racing not just simply changed, it transformed. Simulators came year after year with the hope: they can give us something individual. I'm not going to lie they did. In some cases we got unspeakable...
  3. Z

    GTR2 GTR2 multiplayer events (maybe a league) in modern sim's era?

    Hello everyone! I just want to ask you about a few things in connection with GTR2 multiplayer. So, first of all, I know this legendary game started 13 years ago, but in my oponion it's still amazing and really love it. (And also know, ther are a lot more sim with much more popularity and...
  4. Paul Jeffrey

    RDGPC Season 6 Sign Up Closes Sunday, Act Now to Secure a Spot!

    Sign up for the sixth running of the annual RaceDepartment Grand Prix Championship (RDGPC) closes this Sunday 17th September, limited number of places remain... Utilising the outstanding Automobilista racing simulation from Reiza Studios and the spectacular Dallara F309 Formula Three car, we...
  5. A

    PC2 ApexOnlineRacing Commentators opportunities

    Hi there, With Project Cars 2 offering a well thought broadcast system, I'm looking for people who are interested in commentating for our leagues top tiers, in particular the GT3 one starting mid-October ish, every Wednesday night over a set amount of weeks. Previous experience is not required...
  6. Lucas Gortman

    DiRT 4 Dirt 4 Rally/Rallycross/Landrush League Xbox one

    I was wondering if anybody would be interested in a Xbox one dirt 4 league we could run some rally rallycr and landrush to find the best overall driver in those disciplines. Not sure how it would work until the game comes out but if interested let me know down below or PM me on Xbox GT: x TACO...
  7. SenseR

    AC League coming?

    Hi all, I'm glad to have found a good place for decent and fun online racing!! Having a blast with the running events on Assetto Corsa :roflmao:. Is this a start to gather racers for AC leagues? Is there a chance this will come because I am still looking to participate in a championship or...
  8. dave kirk

    Sim newbie - looking for suitable Racing league

    Hi everyone, I am pretty new to sim racing (2 or 3 months, previously I was a console user and Pcars and Forza were the games I mainly played on) I have most of the PC sim games and Rfactor2 and AMS are my definite favourites. I am looking for a Racing League to join, I am only used to console...
  9. Paul Jeffrey

    RDLMS Returns in February for Season 7

    It's almost here! The legendary RaceDepartment Le Mans Series (RDLMS) is due to make its much anticipated return to the home of top quality endurance racing. RDLMS 7 is now in the final stages of planning and its going...to...be...epic. We at RaceDepartment are incredibly proud to announce that...