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le cinq

  1. NovemberBees

    Sailor Mercury Car! Le Cinq 2021-06-10

    Hello! This is my first time creating a livery, so please don't judge too heavily! Just something fun and wacky! If ya have any thoughts or tips or anything, let me know!
  2. hoover2701

    LE CINQ (Group 4) Calberson Tour de France Automobile 1980 1.0

    There are so many classic cars in this game. Everytime I try out a new one I immediately want to do a livery for it. Same goes for the 'le cinq' or the Renault 5 Turbo. So here's my take on it. It's a historical livery which was used in the 1980 Tour de France Automobile (the driver was Jean...
  3. Decinoge

    le cinq F7200 FEISAR 1.1

    le cinq Wipeout 3 FEISAR inspired livery. The archive contains 2 coloring alternatives, each with 3 different file sizes, and each size with 3 different livery variants. The coloring alternatives are concept and ingame, with folders named so. Each folder contains 3 different sizes: 1024...
  4. mastershake58

    10 Minimalist Liveries For Le Cinq 2021-02-04

    10 Minimalist Liveries For Le Cinq. There's 11 now. Feel free to modify / use as your own template.
  5. Marcness1313

    Le Cinq (Group 4) - Värsprung #80 1.0

    While the main sponsor is Värsprung, the main feature is the custom "Le Cinq" logo, which is based on the logo used by Renault during 1972-1992.