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le cinq b

  1. Decinoge

    le cinq b FX300 Qirex 1.0

    le cinq b Wipeout Pure Qirex inspired livery. The archive contains 3 file sizes: 1024, 2048, 4096 (for the really close photos). Each size is inside a different folder of the archive. There is also 3 versions per size: clean, normal, rally. On the photo I'm showing: rally version @ 4096px...
  2. Marcness1313

    Le Cinq B (Group B) - Mt.Asama / Le Cinq #85 1.0

    To showcase the alternate version of the Renault "Le Cinq" logo (1992-2004 era) I drew up for the Group 4 Le Cinq, I put it on the Le Cinq B. I also whipped up a quick facsimile of the Yokohama Tyres logo and named it "Mt.Asama," which if you aren't familiar yet, is the name of one of the stages...