1. A

    Normal and Reverse layouts for "Spa 1966" + configs for CSP 2020-02-13

    To realize more of the unused potential of the "Spa 1966" remaking of the lines for the standard layout was needed. While at it I made a reverse layout too. Both can work not only in Race or Track day, but Time Attack too with full overlay and high scores (if you hurry up :) Installation...
  2. A

    2-way and race layouts for "Cesana Sestriere" + configs for seasons 2019-12-23

    This road has many pretty views and many more bumps for the FFB to shake your hands. A softer suspension setup or a soft riding standard car is the best match for it. With my add-on you can enjoy the hill climb and downhill in "Race", "Hot lap" or in "Track day" comparing times with the AI. And...
  3. Davide Nativo

    Reverse Layouts – A Sheer Resource

    What if I told you that there was a way to look at tracks as if it was the very first time again? We are used to consider reverse layouts as something usually driven for fun, or in arcade games as an alternative to enrich the track offer. However, I have started to wonder, after driving some of...
  4. A

    Races and Traffic layouts for "Transfagarasan" _seasons config for CSP 2019-12-01

    The majestic "Transfagarasan" mountain pass is a backdrop to some intense racing and traffic in Assetto Corsa. At least the idea of SimTRAXX was to make it that but in v0.951 you still notice most of the game modes don`t work properly. With my update added to the track you will get the long and...
  5. A

    Okayama Kart layouts 2019-09-09

    Found a very nice and useful additional 2 layouts of this track Try "Track day" or "Weekend", for Kart or Drift - your choice ;) Follow the AI`s to find the place... Just like a party that you were not invited to. Installation: unpack in "\AssettoCorsa\content\tracks\okayama\". No files are...
  6. Captain Condescending

    ACNC NoCut Tracks - Stricter Track Limits for Kunos Tracks 1.0

    Does what it says on the tin! This is something I've been working on for the past week with the help of a bunch of RD users to try and bring a better, more consistent way of judging track limits in Assetto Corsa. The mod is very simple. For each track, there is a new layout with the...
  7. Matyeah

    Brands Hatch reverse 1

    This mod adds 2 reverse layouts to Kunos' Brands Hatch track. It does not replace any original files. Working AI, time attack, DRS and 4 sets of cameras. This picture of Lotus 25 staying on track is for illustration purposes only
  8. Matyeah

    Barcelona reverse, 2004 layout 1

    This mod adds 3 layouts to Kunos Barcelona track: GP reverse, Moto reverse and 2004-06 layout (new turn 10 and no chicane). It doesn't replace any original files. Working AI, time attack, DRS and 3 shoddy sets of cameras.