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lamborghini st

  1. zen.ok

    Lamborghini Super Trofeo WAT Racing Development 1.0

    Made this in an afternoon for a race, since there are no skins for the Super Trofeo around (i found none). The livery is based on the BAD Lamborghini Super Trofeo, taking some freedom with the sponsors. Hope you like it! PS Might look bad in the preview but it's just my potato pc ;)
  2. T_Onoskal

    I can't play in the race weekend and the race season, but can play in the test day.

    I use a lot of mod, but I have the problem. Hmmm, maybe only in the specific mod. I use mod Lambo ST, WEC 2018/2019, F1 2012 RFT and I can play in the race season and in the race weekend. But, can play in the online and test day. I ask the problem with my friend, but i don't have the solution...