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lago maggiore

  1. J

    Lago Maggiore - F1 Skin 1.0

    This mod adds an F1 Skin to the Lago Maggiore track from the GTPlanet Modding Community Sponsors included: Pirelli ("Main Sponsor") Rolex Lago Maggiore Crypto.com Liqui Moly F1TV Pro F1 2021 Official Game
  2. K

    Better AI for Autodrome Lago Maggiore from the GTPlanet Modding Community 1.1

    Following the tradition of making new AI paths for mods that I really like, this time I made one for a Gran Turismo Sport original track that I think is so absurdly good it could replace Monza for the Italian GP on the F1 calendar. Anyways it could have been faster but I didn't want to make the...
  3. DannyDotCom

    Autodrome Lago Maggiore TV Camera set FINAL

    UPDATE : Cameras for other layouts has been added. Enjoy! :D I brought new camera set lads.... This time it's for the beautiful Autodrome Lago Maggiore from Gran Turismo Sport by "nobody" which you can get here. (The ones in the README files are obsolete). Just extract the ZIP into...