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    Votes: 154 36.8%
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  1. L

    SPEEDWORLD EURO-Rennstrecke - Bruck an der Leitha - "Strecke 2"

    Hello Racefans! :) Update NEW: Remeshing the track (now "smoother") NEW: Handpainted track texture NEW: AI - Fast lane & Pit lane NEW: CSP "Grass FX" enabled NEW: 3D-grass for non CSP users NEW: Animated flags NEW: Animated Startlamps NEW: Fans, Marshalls, TV cameras UPDATE: Kerbs...
  2. Bjorn Klaassen

    Wijchen by PaleoPixels 1.25

    Over the past few months I've created a procedural framework in Houdini in my spare time, with which you can relatively easy create tracks from scratch. It is procedural, which means it could load whatever Openstreetmap data and generate Amsterdam, New York or London. Since it's a procedural...