1. Rinus Botha

    AC Server JSON on loop and not running on Kunos

    I hope someone can assist me with this. I used to be able to run servers with absolutely no problem. I had to do a router reset (which I have done before), redid my port forwarding like before, but for some reason the server does not work. Using AC Server manager or CM it seems to be doing the...
  2. clickersnapper01

    Crew Chief json file for AMS2-with mappings list. 3.1

    Please, read me first... I may update this part [ Description ] from time to time. Check the update link as I posted an update version 3.1 as of 04-18-2022 there are some additional notes there. UPDATE for 4-8-2022 I have not been running AMS2 for quite some time. But I got the itch so I ran...
  3. Bodaz

    ACC Event Manager (Server) v.0.1.2

    Hello fellow ACC Server owners, this is a simple event.json editor for you! Works with actual Version ACC 1.3.6. You can: open existing event.json files edit existing event.json files generate new event.json files save as eventXY.json files Ask me for permission to share it. Programm is...
  4. Ben O'Bro

    SimResults Privacy Updated

    Greetings, I heard back from Maurice who develops http://simresults.net/ After a quick donation, i contacted him few month ago, asking about the privacy option. He just got back to me saying he finally had time to add couple options, i quote: [ ] Discourage search engines from indexing this...