jolly club

  1. madmax_2a

    IlNonno313_Fiat 131 Abarth Jolly Club N°2 Rally Sanremo 1980 - W. Rohrl - C.Geistdorfer. V1

    Hi all, When you look and download skins for any game, you have no idea how much time the person spent with their photo editing software, so you have the right to not download the skins you looked at, but also think about the livery designer. A like only takes you a second and doing a review...
  2. madmax_2a

    IlGorilla4S_Lancia Delta S4 "Rally Race Toledo" 1988-G.Trelles - M.Ortiz-Tallo V1

    Copy PNG file to: Steam\steamapps\common\artofrally\artofrally_Data\StreamingAssets\Liveries\group b\il gorilla 4s
  3. madmax_2a

    IlMonster_Lancia 037 - 3ºRALLY COSTA BRAVA 1986 -SERVIÁ - SABATER V1

  4. C

    #6 Malardeau Lancia LC2 [4K] 1.0

    You'll need Legion's Lancia LC2 to use this skin. This car was entered by Jolly Club with the sponsorship of BP and Residences Malardeau. It was essentially a third works entry in anything but name. The drivers were Xavier Lapeyre, Pierluigi Martini and Beppe Gabbiani. The car was involved in...
  5. C

    #29 Totip Racing Lancia LC2 [4K] 1.0

    You'll need Legion's Lancia LC2 to use this skin. This Lancia LC2 was entered in the 1984 Imola 1000 km race by semi-works team Jolly Club and was driven by Mauro Baldi and Pierluigi Martini. It finished (the only Lancia to do so) in 9th position, 21 laps down the winning duo of Stuck and...
  6. madmax_2a

    IlMonster_Lancia 037 "Alitalia" Racing-Team (No replica) V1

    Enjoy this beauty, drive safe, use your turn signals, and always put your seatbelt. ;)
  7. madmax_2a

    IlCavallo803_Ferrari 308 GTB "Oliofiat" - 1 st Rally Piancavallo 1980 v 1.01

  8. madmax_2a

    Lawedge_Stratos "Camel" N°14 - Sanremo 1978 - Vudafieri-Mannini V1

  9. madmax_2a

    IlMonster_Lancia 037 Seven Up-Catalunya Costa Dorada Rally 1986 -Servia -Sabater 2021-05-15

    The Lancia Rally 037 is a competition car specially designed to be entered in rallies. Manufactured by the Italian manufacturer Lancia in the 1980's to be entered by Scuderia Lancia in the World Rally Championship, a production model, stradale, based on the rally version, was built in 200...
  10. madmax_2a

    La Wedge_Lancia Stratos « Camel » N°14 Sanremo 78 - Vudafieri − Mannini V2

  11. A

    Lancia 037 Rothmans (S.Servia - J.Sabater) Jolly Club v.1.3

    Lancia 037 Rothmans (S.Servia - J.Sabater Rally San Froilán 1985) Jolly Club My WEB
  12. A

    Lancia 037 BENDIX ESPAÑA (S.Servia-J.Sabater Rally Montecarlo 1986) v.1.3

    Lancia 037 BENDIX ESPAÑA (S.Servia-J.Sabater Rally Montecarlo 1986) Jolly Club (8K Skin) Car: rw_037_GrB. Car Download:Here My WEB
  13. mesa

    Martini Escort CW 1.0

    Jolly Club Martini Escort Cosworth livery for Dirt Rally 2.0 (Cunico) It will replace the 1st Escort CW livery in the game. How to install: Or use "deLivery" car livery manager...
  14. Dry

    Alex Fiorio Lancia Delta Jolly Club 1.0

    Vehicle: Lancia Delta Integrale Driver: Alex Fiorio Livery: Jolly Club (1987) Hi everyone, since I couldn't find a version on the web, I decided to make this great livery in it's 1987 appearance. This my first livery, so feel free to give me any advice to improve my creation