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john player special

  1. R

    Formula RSS 4 - F1 livery pack 1.0

    Did anyone ask for this? No. Is this at all necessary? No. Is it cool? Kinda. There's no theme or specific era with these skins. Some of them have custom helmets and tyres, some dont. Williams FW14 - Nigel Mansell John Player Special - Ayrton Senna Jaguar R5 - Mark Webber Leyton House...
  2. Martin Rowntree

    JPS Aston Martin V8 matte 1.0

    My interpretation of the classic JPS livery on the Aston Martin V8. It's the same as my other version with the glossy black livery but simply with the black turned matte. I feel it looks a bit more modern this way, a bit more stealth. Just with the glint from the chrome gold details.
  3. Martin Rowntree

    JPS Tribute livery 1.0

    My version of the classic JPS livery on the Aston Martin V8. A few design liberties taken but I think a fairly faithful interpretation.
  4. MajkiMajk

    Nissan GT-R GT3 #12 LB Works JPS 1.0

    Hi, Classic JPS skin by LB Works. Drivers: Robert Collard and Sandy Mitchell
  5. K

    MyTeam LVMH (Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton) Livery 2020-10-12

    MyTeam livery inspired by the John Player Special. I have included an AMG version as well, although in my opinion, this should be used with Renault. :) Installation instructions are included in download, but you will need the Ego ERP Archiver tool. Thanks for stopping by! Please consider...
  6. MikeR1D

    VW Scirocco GC10 V8 Skin Pack 1.0

    7 Skins based on iconic liveries for this guy
  7. OzBoz

    Praga R1 - John Player Special by SecondSkins.nl 1.0

    A highly detailed skin based on the famous John Player Special livery. This time wrapped around a Praga R1. A tribute to a driver from the old days, Emerson Fittipaldi. The skin is 4k and comes with fitting gloves, helmet etc. If you enjoy this skin please like...
  8. H

    Lotus 3-Eleven black gold red 2.0 ALL-NEW IN 4K

    A skin for Lotus 3-Eleven (Ready 2 Race DLC) based on Lotus F1 team colors from early 2010s, and various Lotus JPS liveries. Skin is 4K. Includes a lots of details like a custom steering wheel, badges changed to black/gold, CSP config for metallic paint and chrome rollcage, custom driver outfit...