jim lloyd

  1. Mascot

    Four track-themed dynamic balloons and random positional configs for Sonoma Raceway 08.03.2020a

    * If you like any of my resources and feel like contributing, please make a small donation to Cancer Research or your local charity of choice. Thanks! * In honour of the recent performance update to the Reboot Project version of Sonoma Raceway, here are four original track-themed dynamic...
  2. FormulaET

    Elkhart Lake Allegro Suite_ McSaltensRacing 1.0

    With kind permission by, Albert McSaltens, I have given a 'fantastical' grip adjustment for sticky, high speed cornering. ALLEGRO = joyful; lively and fast This mod is meant to be a 'novelty version' for an adventurous drive around a popular track. Focus is more on your racing line during...