1. GreenMachine13

    ACL #1 and #2 Roy Woods Racing '70 Javelin 2-Pack (1972 TA) 1.0

    These both are number and logo adjustments of skins that come with the ACL TA mod. George Follmer raced the #1 for Roy Woods in 1972, taking the drivers championship by a wide margin, winning 4 of 7 events. Roy Woods drove the #2 car, and he won at Bryar, as both he and Follmer drove the #2...
  2. GreenMachine13

    ACL #63 Bill Collins '70 Javelin (1972 TA) 1.0

    Here's the #63 Javelin Bill Collins ran in 6 of the 7 O2L Trans-Am events that season. He finished well in most races, including a 2nd place at Sanair. I love this paint scheme, but wow was it tricky to make work here. Took me much longer than I'd like, but it turned out alright. Enjoy!
  3. GreenMachine13

    ACL #6 Mark Donohue '70 Javelin (1971 TA) 1.0

    This is a number and logo adjustment of the livery that comes with the ACL TA mod. Here is the Penske Racing Javelin that Mark Donohue drove to the 1971 Trans-Am championship. Donohue won 7 races. Enjoy!
  4. GreenMachine13

    ACL #55 Ted Roberts Fyr-Fyter '69 Javelin (1970 TA) 1.0

    The #55's appearance changed for 1970 to reflect new sponsorship from Fyr-Fyter. It seems like Roberts couldn't catch a break, as a sour engine was his most common race result. He did manage a 7th place finish at Bridgehampton. Enjoy!
  5. GreenMachine13

    ACL #6 and #9 Penske '69 Javelin 2-Pack (1970 TA) 1.0

    Here are Penske Racing's Sunoco Javelins from the 1970 Trans-Am season. Mark Donohue and Peter Revson drove these machines throughout 1970, with Donohue winning 3 races and Revson notching solid results. Still, it was not enough to defeat the consistent might of the Bud Moore Fords. Enjoy!
  6. GreenMachine13

    ACL #55 Ted Roberts '69 Javelin (1969 TA) 1.0

    Here is Ted Roberts' #55 Javelin as it appeared in the 1969 Trans-Am season. He had an unfortunate number of DNFs that season, but scored best finishes of 6th at Donnybrooke and Bridgehampton. Enjoy!
  7. GreenMachine13

    ACL #3, #4, #33 Javelin Racing Team '69 Javelin 3-Pack (1969 TA) 1.0

    Now it's time for my personal favorite manufacturer in Trans-Am: AMC!!! In 1968 AMC came out swinging with Peter Revson and George Follmer. Unfortunately, no one could beat the Penske/Donohue combo that season. In 1969 the team was looking to build on their success and take the crown. At...
  8. deCarera

    Trans Am livery pack 0.9

    Since this vehicle has perhaps the worst snout ever placed on a Camaro, I thought the least I could do is create some more interesting paints for it and have fun in the process. So here are liveries inspired by Trans Am cars ranging from the late sixties to the present day. The Valvoline has a...
  9. MajkiMajk

    Ford Mustang RTR Trans Am Javelin 1.0

    Hi, another awesome classic ^^, hope u like it. If you like my work, please donate me.