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  1. jeanvendors

    Jaguar Racing skin for Jaguar F-Type GT3 1.0

    (Fictional) Jaguar Racing skin for the GT3 Jaguar F-Type. I won't link directly but it's available on A.Land. Editorial note: To be perfectly honest I've seen a ton of AC mods and this one isn't the best. But I was able to put together a livery that I liked a lot, so I've kept it to this day...
  2. NightEye87

    Jaguar XJ-13 historically inspired skins 1.1

    Some skins based on historic liveries. I made these years ago, I just corrected them to fit the new UV-map. Both versions are included. Be sure to download the updated physics first. #1 Surtees White - David Hobbs - Jaguar #3 Andretti Green - Mario Andretti - Holman & Moody #8 British Racing...
  3. Whalenap

    BlackSmith Engineering Jag' GT3 1.0

    This livery is a kind of tribute to scotland and highlanders. Nothing special to say about it, except there is not so much possibilities in terms of skins for one who likes driving this car... That's why I wanted to make an original skin. Force et courage !
  4. x6play

    Jaguar F1 [Full mod MyTeam] - Work in progress Beta

    Work in progress - :sleep:The mod is not yet included in the download:sleep:
  5. Norman Bruce

    Silk Cut Jaguar 1.0

    The Jaguar G3 in the Silk Cut livery of the 1988 XJR-9 leMans Prototype.
  6. nihilus99

    Formula Hybrid 2019 Jaguar Racing 2020-09-30

    Another work in style, that @SeanBullDesign calls "Alternative F1 History" Now its time bring to life Jaguar Racing F1 Team. I like this idea and i try to make a complete retro..no, dnt like this word - the TRUE F1 2019 season that may be in parallel reality (hello to FRIGNE tv series fans)...
  7. Ivan_rd_B31

    Panasonic Jaguar F1 Livery - Old school green 1.0

    I made this livery in photoshop to be applied with ERS. It is a version of a green Jaguar Livery as a Panasonic Jaguar Racing team. My first mode so, theres plenty room to improve. I'm not an expert on Photoshop, made this by youtube tutorials so if any of you have any tips to make it better...
  8. Flitz17

    Jaguar Racing Formula 1 Team - My Team Fantasy Helmet V 1.0

    Hi, A while ago I posted a Jaguar Racing mod for My Team. As I started using it, I figured I would make myself a custom helmet for it. Now I decided to release a less personal version (without my number and some logos basically) here for anyone that would want it. There is no copy_paste for...
  9. W

    Jaguar Livery 2020-08-01

    Jaguar livery
  10. Flitz17

    Jaguar Racing Formula 1 Team - My Team Fantasy Livery v 1.1

    Here is my fantasy Jaguar F1 team livery! The sponsors are directly inspired by their Formula E team. This mod includes 2 versions. The Cyan one takes the color palette from the Jaguar Formula E team. Meanwhile, the yellow one is just the version I wanted for myself and figured I might as...
  11. samideluxe

    Eddie Irvine helmet Jaguar 1.0

    Eddie Irvine inspired helmet skin for Jaguar. It's not a replica, more a decent variation of the original helmet. It is copy & paste installation. (PS: Jaguar car livery used by F1Chaos)
  12. Fred Basset

    JPS Jaguar XJS 1.0

    John Player Special Jaguar XJS Based around Hans Heyer's car. Got nice new radio too !
  13. Fred Basset

    1985 Bathurst Jaguar's 1.0

    Full team of Jaguars XJS that raced at Bathurst in 1985 A re-work to make authentic Bathurst skins, all credit goes to the original maker at Assetto pedia. Car: https://assettopedia.forumfree.it/?t=76543170
  14. edwdecastro

    Tatuus Jaguar F1 | Real livery For Assetto Corsa 2020-05-22

    Tatuus Jaguar R1F1_v1.0 Model based on the beautiful Jaguar R1 F1, from 2000 Formula One Season. https://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jaguar_R1 Install _____________________ unzip the "tatuus_jaguar" folder on: steamapps > common > assettocorsa > content > car > tatuusfa1 > skin (unzip and place...
  15. K

    Jaguar F1 Team 1.5

    Hello guys, I'm back! After these sh**ty helmets I maded, I gone deep into modding. Especially in skins. My friend @Gabbopro requested a Jaguar skin for his MyDriver serie, and here it is! For now there is only the livery, later I will add the full team package. READ HERE: For this skin working...
  16. S24GX02

    Panasonic Jaguar Racing PJR-1 for Red Bull RB15 1.0

    This mod replaces the Red Bull RB15 for the Panasonic Jaguar Racing PJR PJR-1 Want your driver number on the car. Send me a message with your number and email and I will send it to you with instructions. Special thanks to my Friend William, and his immense knowledge of Formula 1 for helping...

    Jaguar CX-75 R3 Spec #101 ID Cooling 2020-04-11

    This is my AC skin series:Computer brand racing paint,the sixth work: ID Cooling Previous series work: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/chevrolet-camaro-gt4-4-thermaltake.32102/ enjoy!
  18. GeForce06

    Jaguar F-Type GT3 GPX Racing 1.0

    Jaguar F-Type GT3 GPX Racing You will need the AG Jaguar GT3 Mod. Installation: Just extract to your Assetto Corsa root folder :)
  19. GuiihRamos

    Panasonic Jaguar Racing F1 Team 2019-09-13

    Hello everyone, I am Brazilian and I do not have much knowledge of English, so I apologize for possible and probable writing errors. This is one of my first modding work in F1, I had the idea of making a fantasy career in my game, I thought of implementing new teams in the grid that already...
  20. C

    Jaguar i-pace eTrophy skinpack 1.0

    Inspired Jaguar i-pace eTrophy skin pack for Jaguar XE SV Project 8 (with no lightbar) Video showing all skins: Skins, drivers and teams: Jaguar real VIP car: Alice Powell Jaguar VIP car alternative: Salvador Durán RLL (real): Katherine Legge RLL (semireal): Bryan Sellers RLL Total...