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  1. HuckKaede

    Porsche 991II GT3 R IDOLM@STER Takagaki Kaede Fictional 1.0

    Fictional livery featuring Takagaki Kaede from IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls with editable color. Amateur work created with superficial photoshop skillset, apology for any mistake and willing to make correction in future edition. To use this mod, download the file attached, extract Cars and...
  2. Suraniset

    Monogatari Series Senjougahara Hitagi Itasha for BAC Mono 1

    I've had this idea for a long time already, and only today I sat down and worked on it That was pretty simple to do, took something around 3 hours More screenshots My Hachikuji Itasha My Shinobu Itasha My Youtube channel This time no PSD file, that file is a total mess if you see any...
  3. B

    Darling in the franxx (Itasha) skin for satsuma 0.0.1

    This my the first skin I uploaded here in race department enjoy my skin.
  4. olenstr23

    Porsche Cayman GT4 - Harutya/Syumagi 1.0

    Harutya/Harucha ( 春茶 ) is a japanese singer that frequently covers various japanese songs. She first rose to fame when she covers Back Number's Mabataki in a Call of Duty game, and afterwards doing frequent collaboration with Kobasolo. Alongside her solo projects, she also started a band called...
  5. olenstr23

    Toyota GR Supra - Paimon from Genshin Impact 1.0

    THIS SKIN NEEDS THE TOYOTA GR SUPRA MOD from Stlaker_90. Full preview and download links for the Toyota GR Supra mod can be found here courtesy of wabi I assume you already know how to install mod in project CARS 2 (if not, here's a tutorial on how to install Project CARS 2 mod courtesy of...
  6. olenstr23

    Toyota 86 Rocket Bunny - Seycara Illusions of the Heart album cover 1.1

    I really love Seycara's work in music and also his wholesome discord community. He usually makes amazing orchestra covers but he has good original works as well, like this lo-fi orchestral illusions of the heart album. So i decided to learn GIMP and make a Project CARS 2 livery based off that...
  7. TurboAnime

    (SRP) Nissan Skyline GTR R33 | Freyja Wion 1.0

    (NOTE: If you're using recent update for SRP car pack, the skin would be disordered due to them using new mappings on the car) This skin was made for a video project for Deoxide. The car model is not mine as it was made by SRP (Shutoko Revival Project). The skin is made by me. Link to car...
  8. TurboAnime

    (SRP) Honda S2000 (SP2 - Legendary) | Chizuru Mizuhara (Rent-A-Girlfriend) 1.0

    (NOTE: If you're using recent update for SRP car pack, the skin would be disordered due to them using new mappings on the car) My first car skin itasha I've made. The car is not mine, but the skin is. This is for the SRP version of the Honda S2000 (SP2 - Legendary) Link for the SRP version car...
  9. Suraniset

    Monogatari Series Hachikuji Mayoi Itasha for Mazda Miata 1.1

    First Itasha attempt, hope you like it Plate means "Hachikuji" (8: Hachi, 9: Kyuu) PSD comes together, feel free to make any changes you want (let me know if you made any improvements (and share them with me)) My Shinobu Itasha My Senjougahara Itasha My Youtube channel if you see any...
  10. iknihs

    Fictional Anime Skin [ACC] - Kirito 911 GT3R 1.0

    My ninth skin. I couldn't find the template, so I'm a little lazy. The other one is a bonus.
  11. SushiShake

    Acura NSX GT3 Skin(SUPERGT) --リゼ・ヘルエスタ(Lize Helesta) Ver.1.00

    リゼ様かわいい Base:Modulo NSX GT3(2018)
  12. Animod_Autoneko

    (PORSCHE 917 K) [FICTIONAL] Bloody 'ROLA 2020-04-12

    A very subtle, time appropriate Teenage Kiss Shot themed livery for the 917 K for weebs and enthusiasts alike! (mod used to skin the pit crew and driver suit is by Michael Doherty)
  13. rioachmadz

    [Fictional] McLaren "Perfect Dream Racing" 1.0

    My 2nd fictional itasha livery for this car, my first livery is on the pack You need McLaren 720S GT3 by Toprace (Car link is on their discord server) Screenshots: Please visit my Facebook page for more itasha livery www.facebook.com/hanazonoitasha I hope you enjoy my livery Have a nice day ^_^
  14. rioachmadz

    C7R & C8R itasha v1.0

    2 itasha livery fictional for: -C7R GTLM by The Rollovers Character: Himeko Murata from Honkai Impact 3 -C8R by SimDream Character: Hina Hikawa from BanG Dream! visit my Facebook page for other itasha livery. page link: www.facebook.com/hanazonoitasha I hope you like it ^_^
  15. rioachmadz

    [Fictional] 2019 GOODSMILE Racing M8 GTE IMSA GTLM v1.0 2019-06-10

    The third livery that I uploaded here, you need the BMW M8 GTE mod by The Rollovers to install this livery. Visit my facebook page if you want more itasha livery for Assetto Corsa. page link: https: //www.facebook.com/HanazonoItasha I hope you like it Ingame screenshots
  16. rioachmadz

    Fictional GOODSMILE Racing DTM 2019 v1.0 2019-05-25

    The second livery that I uploaded here. You need URD Mures 2018 mod to install this livery. in the archive there are 3 livery: 1.GOODSMILE Racing DTM 2019 2.GOODSMILE Racing DTM Alt.Hikawa Twins from BanG Dream! 3.GOODSMILE Racing DTM Alt.Hikari Kagura & Aijou Karen from Shōjo☆Kageki Revyū...
  17. rioachmadz

    Fictional GOODSMILE Racing DTM 2018 v1.0 2019-05-14

    Fictional GSR livery for URD T5 Bayro 2018. This is my fist livery post in here visit my facebook page if you want more itasha livery https://mobile.facebook.com/HanazonoItasha/?_rdc=1&_rdr 3 containing livery on this pack 1.GSR Hatsune Miku 2018 2.GSR Alt. Karin Asaka from Love Live Nijigasaki...