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  1. SNIPE57027

    Legends Car Championship Assetto Corsa 1.0

    Legends car championship AC: Tracks: -Magione -Imola -Nurburgring - Sprint -Highlands Short -Silverstone - National -Vallelunga - Club -Zandvoort -Vallelunga -Highlands Short -Magione To install: Go to \documents\ folder next \Assetto Corsa\ than \champs\ and paste there the content...
  2. Langheck_917

    1967 Trans-Am Alfa Romeo GTAs 1.1

    These replicas are a pair of Alfa Romeo GTAs campaigned by Horst Kwech (3) and Monty Winkler (6) for Knauz Continental Auto during the 1967 SCCA Trans-Am Series (Under 2-Litre Class). This is for the standard AC ks_alfa_romeo_gta. Kwech prepped these RHD Alfas from his own shop AUSCA out of...
  3. jqob

    Abarth 595 SS - Italian Racing skin 1.0

    Description Italian Racing skin is high quality 4k livery, inspired by unique Abarth 595 SS found by me on some auction. Screenshots Installation Extract .rar file into Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa This skin is compatibile with standard, S1 and S2 version of this car and is installed...
  4. Viktoren69

    Audi TT Cup Polizia Squadra Corse 2020-05-19

    Audi TT Cup from Kunos in the fictional Polizia di Stato scheme #115
  5. Viktoren69

    Corvette C6R Polizia Squadra Corse 2020-05-10

    Polizia Chevrolet Corvette C6R - To be used with this mod: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/corvette-c6r-2013.2852/
  6. Pessio

    1970 Alfa Romeo GTAM 1.32

    I'm really happy to bring you my last creature. The Alfa Romeo Giulia GT 1750 GTAM. Built to replace GTA in 1970 ETCC, the GTAM was bigger, wilder, and a lot faster. Not by chance won that year's championship. From 220 to 240 hp of brutal "biscione" power, transferred to tarmac by huge Firestone...
  7. skl1984

    Lancia S4 Red Martini Biason- Siviero Sanremo rally V.2

    Lancia S4 Red Martini Biason- Siviero Sanremo rally Instal: Just copy the folder frtom the zip file to the game directory "cars" Hope you like it !! !
  8. H

    Lamborghini Diablo Se30Jota 1.0

    Lamborghini Diablo Se30 Jota Sound mod v1.0 I created this sound, for the fantastic mod lambo diablo se30 jota, created by Alberto Daniel Russo, that you find at the link below! Leave a feedback if you like, and above all enjoy !! ;);)...
  9. JefCam

    Spotter Plugin Plus v4.1

    SPOTTER PLUGIN V4.1 - RELEASE DATE 08/05/2018 LINK: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3ap9c6i0xekhcfm/Spotter Plugin Plus v4.1.exe?dl=0 - Now includes Italian and French Spotter - Improved Events - With installer/uninstaller - Updated readme.rtf (important to read) Tutorial how to record driver...
  10. DarXtreme

    #12 Tsunami RT-Alessio Rovera 1.0

    This pack celebrates Alessio Rovera's victory in the Porsche Carrera Cup Italia. the .rar file contains two skins: a general Tsunami RT livery used by Rovera during 2017 season and the specific livery used by Rovera in the final race of the season in Monza. This is my first skin published here...
  11. zeffio

    Italian Subtitles 0.3

    Sottotitoli in italiano by Zeffio v. 0.3 La traduzione è ancora in fase di TEST però intanto potete avere: Parti del motore e della carrozzeria tradotte I nuovi e i vecchi dialoghi sono stati tradotti e adattati Menu di pausa tradotto Cosa serve: MSC Mod Loader 0.4.7...
  12. DaddeRaga

    Real Classic Drivers [ITA, ENG] 1.3

  13. Troy Barman

    CIGT 2017 Skinpack 1.2

    2017 CIGT Skinpack for EEC GT3 Mod All cars from the 2017 CIGT Season, I will update to add new entries as the season progresses If 2013-16 CIGT Skinpack is installed, let it overwrite. Some cars are missing logos for now until I either make or find them Credits: Patr1ot for the Mod...
  14. Troy Barman

    2015 CIGT Skinpack 2017-02-28

    2015 CIGT Skinpack for EEC GT3 Mod All cars from the 2015 CIGT Season If 2013-16 CIGT Skinpack is installed, let it overwrite. Corrected number fonts on nearly every car, corrected bad logo placement on many cars Both Racing Studio cars included since the team switched to Porsche at the end...
  15. M

    Forza Rosso (Red Force) - Custom Team 1.0

    Custom team, Forza Rosso or Red Force, replaces manor. Alfa Romeo branded and sponsored team, I wanted to do something in my game to add alfa romeo, but also wanted to create my own custom team and so this is the result. I will create custom team wear and garage textures in coming days, if this...
  16. Troy Barman

    2013 CIGT Skinpack 1.0

    2013 CIGT Skinpack for EEC GT3 Mod All cars from the 2013 CIGT Season included except 2 Super Trofeo Lambo's If 2016 CIGT Skinpack is installed, let it overwrite. GT Cup Porsches have an upgrade file included to make them run around 3 seconds slower like the real series. Otherwise they would...
  17. velofosse

    1985-1994 Italian Number Plates. rev.1.1

    4 x plates. I will be adding to these plates in the near future. Copy the Plate_D.dds and Plate_NM.dds into your chosen skin folder within the 'Skin' folder of your car. If you think you need to keep the previous Kunos plates save them first elsewhere. Please note any Integrity validation of...
  18. Colin Knowles

    PS4 Wet Race Championship 02017020991

    Obviously Assetto Corsa has no wet weather option, so if you knew that then apply below & if you didn't know, then now you do :thumbsup: and apply below. looking to try out the multiplayer side of Assetto with a few club races. Any like minded sim petrol heads apply below. No rage quitters...
  19. velofosse

    Italian Number Plate Kit ver.1

    Make your own Italian number plates. It just requires some Internet searching for information and with the tools, fonts and images provided make as many as you like.