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  1. zerobandwidth

    International Race of Champions 1989 Pack for VRC Chevrette 28 1.1.20200509.01

    When I was a kid, I loved watching the International Race of Champions broadcasts on TV. Twelve drivers, from different disciplines of racing — NASCAR, IndyCar, SCCA, IMSA — competing in identically-prepared cars to determine who was the best driver. The races were always exciting, whether on...
  2. bumblebeetuna

    1973-74 IROC I Porsche 911 skin mega pack 1.0

    I'm reuploading this due to some bugs i spotted and have been notified about (thank you @nigave) and have decided to compile all the skins into a single large pack. These skins represent all the cars used during all 4 races - 3 @ Riverside, 1 @ Daytona - of the very first 1973 to 1974...