1. Dostoyewsky

    Simple Dashboard for Drift 0.1

    This is a simple dashboard designed to only show basic information. U can choice of two screens. 1st one shows the gears of course, speedometer, 100% tachometer along with a red field. The red field adjusts to the currently selected car by reading information from the game. On the first screen...
  2. A

    Frank Meagher Escort Cosworth 2019-09-09

    Frank Meaghers 1995 Carling rally of the lakes winning car. Frank would go on to win the Irish tarmac championship outright in this car. This replaces livery_00 (ford motorsports) Simply un-rar directly to steamapps/common/dirt 2.0/cars and it will load in game..enjoy:)
  3. A

    Ari Vatanen Circuit of Ireland 1982 2018-10-01

    This is ari vatanens 1982 circuit of ireland mk2 livery,ari went on to finish 7th o/a on that event. Skin is set up to replace livery_44 (the plain blue one) but can replace any by changing the name