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  1. S

    iNuke 1000DSP settings for Bass Pump III

    Hello, I would like to get some advice how to setup iNuke 1000DSP to work well with 2x Bass Pump III transducers. They are rated for RMS capacity 50 W and Max. audio capacity 80 W. What should be the maximum output set from the amp to not cause any damage? Im also thinking about more stronger...
  2. Maschine

    Hardware setup for tactile transducers and amplifier

    Good afternoon/morning to all. I'm trying to get my gear up and running but so far I'm hearing crickets instead of shaking. What I cannot get working: 2 x Buttkicker LFE's 1 x Behringer inuke 3000DSP Now, here's how I've tried to set it up. Please correct me if I'm wrong... I have two...