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  1. Z

    Traces 1.0

    Traces Traces is a Python app for Assetto Corsa. It plots the driver's pedal and steering input telemetry on a graph in real time. Additionally, it includes pedal input bars, a force-feedback meter, steering wheel indicator, speedometer and gear indicator. Installation Install the app by...
  2. Ghiaman1334

    Controller not working?

    Hi all, I use an msi GC30 controller to play AC, but, suddenly, the controller decided this morning to have problems responding to inputs when I first load a session, then afterwards reacting as normal. Then, after dinner, even more suddenly than before, the controller decided that it doesn't...
  3. romainrob

    Input Display - SimHub overlay 2.0.0

    Hi! This requires SimHub. Go get it! https://www.simhubdash.com/ It comes with 2 layouts, modular and analog: You can pick a wheel image from a selection of Thrustmaster, Logitech and Fanatec wheels :   For installation/configuration instructions, please refer the provided Read Me PDF...