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indycar 2018

  1. Paul Ad

    Indy 500 TV cam 1.0

    TV cameras as I imagine for the Indy 500, maybe like it also others copy the file to ?:\steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\tracks\indi\data
  2. lilRecon

    IndyCar 18 Red Bull 2019-04-07

    Just a fantasy IndyCar livery for Red Bull
  3. Paul Ad

    new TV cam for St. Petersburg 1.0

    new TVcam for St. Petersburg W.I.P., are modeled after the TVcams of 2018
  4. Willian Rodrigues

    VSM IndyCar 2018 V2

    The second (and probably definitive) version of the IndyCar 2018 VSM mod for rFactor comes full of modifications and contents.. GAME rFactor (One) - only CONTENT - Dallara UAK (Universal Aero Kit) 2018 - Full skin pack with 305 skins - Full skin pack of suits and helmets - 2 Types of wheels...
  5. Willian Rodrigues

    VSM IndyCar Series 2018 Beta 0.5

    This mod is a Stand-Alone (ie, solo) version of VSM Road To Indy and uses the same graphic interface as the original mod, as well as the installation paths. If you install this mod in the same VSM Road To Indy v0.6 installation, you will basically have a new update. On the other hand, if you do...