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imsa gtu

  1. Langheck_917

    IMSA GTU Nissan "240SRX" 1.1

    When I first heard about the 'Camping World SRX Series' and saw the sprint cars designed and built to compete in it, I couldn't shake the impression that the outward appearance of the design resembles a 'thiccened' version of the IMSA GTU Class Nissan 240SX racing cars campaigned by Bob...
  2. Verde_msk

    Datsun 240z - Bob Sharp Racing GTU 1.0

    My first skin in years and first uploaded here. Based on 240z raced in IMSA GTU class 1976. There are two versions - one with painted lights glass and second with standard dirt 2 one. Painted one is not good in night because of emission :) So choose any you like. P.S. snow wheels are colored...