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    Patron Highcroft Racing IER P13C 1.0

    Patron Highcroft Racing IER P13C by Skyline Design (fictional) You will need the following mod for this skin to work, IER P13C by IER Simulations Install the file into this location: assettocorsa\content\cars\ier_p13c\skins Be sure to check out Skyline Design on Facebook for more designs or...
  2. S

    Ier p13c mod failing.

    Hello, I recently purchased the p13c mod and I installed it via CM wiothout reading their Installation Manual (I know it was my mistake not to do so) so when I want to run this car in a session the race wil always be cancelled. I tried with Shaders lights Patch and SOL, which did not help the...
  3. Julio Cezar Kronbauer

    IER Simulations IER P13c UI Real Name 1.0

    The files compressed in this package modify the IER P13c Endurance Prototype mod by IER Simulations to show the 2013 HPD ARX-03c name and info. HOW TO INSTALL: Extract this zip file contents to your Assetto Corsa installation directory (defaults to...
  4. F

    IER 2014 Corvette Daytona Prototypes Skin Pack SRS zerobandwidth Vs Jean Series 1

    Some skins for the upcoming simracingsystem's zerobandwidth vs jean challange series using the IER daytona prototypes. Each skin is less than 10mb. Dont forget to change the folder name if you want to use it on SRS and edit the ui_skin.json file.
  5. mclarenf1papa

    IER P13c Painting Templates 1.0

    Official painting guide and templates for the P13c. Includes templates for the body paint, body carbon, and rims in both psd and xcf formats. Learn more about the car at our website.
  6. LeSunTzu

    Porsche GT America - Team Seattle - USCC 2014 2019-10-20

    Last skin for the GT America :)
  7. mclarenf1papa

    Cars [IER Simulations - Payware] IER P13c Prototype

    Update: AVAILABLE NOW! Probably about time this one got its own thread. The P13c is a prototype race car built around the 2013 LMP1 regulations. It weighs 900kg, produces 600HP, and reaches speeds of up to 200 mph while cornering at nearly 4G. IER has been working on the P13 in varying...
  8. mclarenf1papa

    Cars [IER Simulations] Ferrari 458 GT3

    We've only just announced the car officially on our Facebook page, but I've posted progress in the "What Are You Working On?" thread over the past week or so. @Stereo suggested the idea that competitors for our Porsche GT America would be relatively feasible with the AC Patch's "model...
  9. T

    IER PORSCHE GTA Skin Pack 1.0

    Hi there, i felt in love with the "IER PORSCHE GTA" and so i thought i will try to paint some skins. These are my first skins i've made and the first time that i used Photoshop. The Liverys are fictional but based on the GT3 pre-season testing Liverys. It's not professional made and some...
  10. LeSunTzu

    Porsche GT America - Dempsey Racing - USCC 2014 #27 2

  11. ACFAN

    iER Porsche 911 GT America Sound Mod 0.9

    This sound was due to be the official sound that the IER 911 GT America shipped with, however, unknown to me at the time, the folks at IER had originally planned to use fonseckers sounds. however, they didn't have his permission, so they asked me to make a sound for the car, and I did. Just...
  12. LeSunTzu

    Porsche GT America - Magnus Racing - USCC 2015 #44 2019-07-19

    6k and 3k versions included
  13. Shadowoff

    Mazda Motorsport Team Joest - Corvette Daytona Prototype (IER) 0.9

    Hello, I just wanted to create a bigger field of DP prototypes in AC with real liveries. So here are the Mazdas. The car varies a lot from the Mazda DPi in real life, so sponsors arent the size of real life and also not 100% at the same spots as in real life. Also Im not done yet. There are a...
  14. Bozz.gee

    Strakka Racing LMP2 Skin for IER Car Pack #1 Oreca FLM09 1.0

    #42 Strakka Racing Oreca LMP2 Skin for the Oreca in the USSC Mod, IER Car Pack #1 Includes Helmet Design and Driver suit -Enjoy!
  15. NCIS

    WeatherTech SportsCar Championship JDC Motorsports 1.0

    JDC Motorsports livery - 2016 Lone Star Le Mans race at COTA in Austin... (replaces skin which I did for the mod update ,please read the attached readme...) I hope you enjoy it. "NCIS" ***Requires IER Car Pack #1 - USCC Mod***...
  16. R

    VitaPhone Corvette DP 1.0

    Livery I made for the Dallara Corvette DP (should work on the Coyote too) based on the VitaPhone Maserati MC12 GT1
  17. NCIS

    WeatherTech SportsCar Championship CORE autosport 0.9

    CORE autosport 2016 colors... This skin I made as test...Released on W.I.P current layout templates, so there are maybe some small bugs... I share it for multiple requests... I hope you enjoy it. "NCIS" ***Requires IER Car Pack #1 - USCC Mod***...
  18. mclarenf1papa

    Cars United SportsCar Championship [WIP] - IER Modding Group

    Presents: The United SportsCar Championship Modification THE FUTURE OF AMERICAN SPORTS CAR RACING USCC (+more) official website: http://www.imsa.com USCC 2014 WIKI: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2014_United_SportsCar_Championship_season Check official USCC Mod Website for Job...