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  1. P

    Tracks Track Ideas2

    Track Ideas. If you do create any of these tracks drop the link in the comments Brookings SD street race Siderno Italy street race Akers Louisiana street race Fond du lac Wisconsin street race Richmond street race
  2. P

    Track ideas1

    I'm putting together a track ideas list. If you decide to create any of these track layouts below you don't have to give me credit if you do decide to create it. But when you do create it comment the link. St louis gateway arch race Natural Bridge Speedway Twin Falls street race 1 Twin Falls...
  3. carlsenth

    Looking for a way to quiet down the sound of the Clubsport V3 clutch

    After finally switching to the great Clubsport V3's i have discovered this annoying problem where the clutch makes a rather loud "clunk" when it's fully compressed. It's not a design flaw by any means, but in my setup my neighbor on the other side of the wall can hear it, and it's understandably...
  4. B

    Best place to sell sim equipment

    Where’s the best place to sell off some un-used sim racing equipment? I was looking at the selling forum on here but looks like I need to be a premium member. But as I’m such a new member and I have some high valued items I thought I’d asked what would be my best options ? I’ve started to list...