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  1. Ian Bell | Straight4Games and Hyper-Realistic Screenshots

    Ian Bell | Straight4Games and Hyper-Realistic Screenshots

    Ian Bell is at it again. As has been announced, the Englishman's new studio will be developing racing games. And boy, if the tweets are no lies, whatever they have in their pipeline is some hyper-realistic stuff! Straight4Games The new studio will not be called, as previously announced...
  2. Paul Jeffrey

    PC1 'Mad Box' Release Possibly Under Threat?

    Slightly Mad Studios 'Mad Box' console future "questionable" as project suffers setbacks. At the start of the year, Project CARS developers Slightly Mad Studios made some bold claims about a proposed new console they plan to develop - however recent events may have hurt the chances of seeing...
  3. Paul Jeffrey

    New Console Developer? Ian Bell Announces 'Mad Box'

    Slightly Mad Studios Ian Bell has confirmed on Twitter that the developers behind Project CARS are working on a new and super powerful console. Intending to pitch right into the fight for console supremacy with the likes of Microsoft and Sony, Bell has confirmed that SMS are working on the...