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    Sell Full Sim Racing Rig - (Fanatec, Heusinkveld, Playseat)

    Genuine sale of my sim racing rig, all brand new from March 20’ till July 20’. Included is: Playseat Sensation FIA Seat/Frame Lenovo Y44-10W Ultrawide Monitor Asus 21.5” Telemetry Monitor Fanatec V2.5 Base Fanatec Formula Carbon Rim Heusinkveld Sprint Pedals (3 pedal set) Huesinkveld Pedal...
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    Dilemma with Pedals.. Fanatec V3 or Huesinkveld Sprints

    Hi Guys, I need some help or advice to let me know if it would be a sensible idea to move from the Fanatec v3 pedals for the heusinveld sprints. currently using the CSL Elite wheel base, but I’m thinking to fund the jump would be to sell of my Fanatec F1 rim and the V3s. would this be a good...