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hud display

  1. Vegetable Tsai

    Gran Turismo HUD 1.2

    Tutorial: Make sure your AC is running in "64-bit Mode" and has latest "Custom Shaders Patch" installed! What you can get in V1.2: Adjustable screen ratio. (From 4:3 to 21:9) Tyre indicator now displays temperature (AC official tyres only) and pressure (AC official cars only) in color. A...
  2. JL_Desert

    Team Telemetry

    Team Telemetry shows some telemetry data in game as overlay. And some data in windows on a second monitor or second pc. Install instruction: Execute Setup.exe you can easily uninstall it with windows App & Features functionality if needed. If you want to use the in-game-overlay you have to...
  3. Robert de Langen

    argHUD for F1 2019

    Question: is anyone experienced in creating the mod from last year? (argHUD mod, see link below) https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/arghud.23206/ The Author: Alex35zombi I would love to see this mod for 2019.. The author tried converting his mod to the 2019 version but it did not work...
  4. Vegetable Tsai

    Wangan Midnight Arcade HUD 1.0

    V1.0 doesn't come with Tachometer and Boost Gauge, you can download these instead: Initial D Arcade Tachometer Initial D Arcade Boost Gauge Features in V1.0: WMMT Gear app WMMT Speed app WMMT Records app WMMT Map app (Doesn't display the map, should overlap to official Track Map app.) WMMT...
  5. romainrob

    Universal SimHub Dash for iRacing 1.6.3

    UNIVERSAL SIMHUB DASH FOR IRACING Hi. Here is a SimHub Dash Studio dashboard for iRacing. Its purpose is to provide the maximum of useful information no matter what car you drive. I named it “Universal SimHub Dash for iRacing”. As its name implies it’s meant to be used with any car in iRacing...
  6. TPS

    HUD in VR - a little help is needed

    Hallo I just returned to rF2. I used to play it with DK2 VR long time ago. Now it is a bit different, but I struggle to set my HUD display in VR. As I am much accustomed to iR HUD 3 boxes (F3 - relative, best sector delta, pedals - wheel - speed) I would like to have it also in rF2, but cannot...
  7. Vegetable Tsai

    Initial D Arcade Tachometer 2.2

    New features and changes in V2.2: Text rendering is completely removed. D4 theme has new gear and speed textures. All textures are now rendered with OpenGL. Real-time scaling support (no need to restart the game anymore). Other apps of Initial D Arcade HUD Series: Initial D Arcade HUD Initial D...
  8. Vegetable Tsai

    Initial D Arcade HUD 2.0.1

    PLEASE WATCH THE TUTORIAL VIDEO ON TOP TO MAKE EVERYTHING WORK PROPERLY !!! Other apps of Initial D Arcade HUD Series: Initial D Arcade Tachometer Initial D Arcade Boost Gauge New features and changes in V2.0: Renamed from Initial D6 HUD. Tachometer app is no longer included, you can download...
  9. WellerMan

    Issues with G.I.D

    Hi all, installed GID today for AMS using the patched version. The HUD itself works fine, I can customize all of the widgets etc., but for some reason, i'm getting massive FPS drops. Prior to this I was running the game maxed out at around 200, and according to shadowplay, because my steam FPS...

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