honda acty

  1. E

    Honda Acty HA3 Firetruck skin 2021-02-17

    Hi Made this skin, saw an acty like that on the internet, it didn't have to stock body but fell in love with that cutie kei firetruck so i made it. Didn't take me that long. Skin res isn't that high some of you might find that ugly. enjoy
  2. Spoderskrillex

    Honda Acty - Spoon Sports 1.0 Gamma

    A spoonified version of the Honda Acty. Motor, gearbox, brakes, suspension and bodykit not included.
  3. shadow118

    Honda Acty Castrol 1.1

    Honda Acty Castrol Racing. Thanks to @Raymond Racing for telling me how to fix the tires. In the Showroom they're still gonna be mirrored on one side, but ingame it should be correct (You will need CSP for the tires to show correctly) If you're updating from 1.0, I suggest deleting the old...
  4. teddyator

    Honda Acty (HA3) Kei Truck - Delivery Vehicle 1.0

    With the release of the Honda Acty mod, I knew I had to do this! A late 2000s style delivery truck. Enjoy! :thumbsup: