1. S

    Regarding Pedal Sleeve Bearings

    I asked the guy who makes these pedals why the pedals come with narrow copper sleeve bearings instead of the wider ones (pics of both below). At first I thought the wider ones were an upgrade - similar to how Heusinkveld upgraded their sleeve bearings to wider ones on the Ultimate+ and later...
  2. Andrew_WOT

    Sell [US] HRS Anodized Pedal Plates for HE Ultimate/Pro

    For sale like new barely used HRS black anodized pedal plates. 3 pedal plates with optional accelerator foot support. Wider brake pedal is perfect for hybrid left foot braking, heel-toe setup. Fit HE Ultimate, Ultimate+, and Pro pedals. Asking $OLD shipped within ConUS, open for offers. SOLD
  3. N

    Sell Racewerk S1 Pro 3-Pedal set plus extras

    Clutch, brake and accelerator/gas pedal available along with SC2 connector and usb connector with high quality cables. Manual etc. also included. Pedal set is fantastic and in great condition! All of the pedals run perfectly and they have more adjustability than most pedals I’ve ever used. Any...
  4. F

    Sell Heusinkveld Sprint 3-Pedal Set (revised elastomers).

    DECIDED TO KEEP THE THROTTLE/BRAKE CLUTCH IS UP FOR SALE AT $100 USD SHIPPED TO CONUS/CANADA PM IF INTERESTED Hello! I've tried to price it fairly because of the bent mounting holes. I cannot gaurentee it will mount flushly to a flat plate, but there shouldn't be any issues with extrusion...
  5. K

    Sell Frex H-Shifter, Fanatec CSW Shifter & Heusinkveld Sequential

    I have tried to be as transparent as possible so you know exactly what you'll be recieving, any questions please don't hestitate to ask. Frex H-Shifter: Included: Frex H-Shifter Shifter Cover Condition: Brand new, I mounted it to my rig and then decided to sell my rig, never had the chance to...
  6. K

    Sell Simucube 2 PRO & Heusinkveld Ultimates

    I am selling my Simucube 2 PRO and Heusinkveld Ultimates (Legacy) I have tried to be as transparent as possible so you know exactly what you'll be recieving, any questions please don't hestitate to ask, can provide pictures on request. Both items have seen little usage. Can ship but buyer...
  7. jamo713

    Sell Heusinkveld Sprint 3-Pedal w/custom HRS plates, rumble. (usa only)

  8. V

    Sell Heusinkveld Ultimate Plus

    Hello everybody. I am selling this He Ultimate Plus on behalf of a friend of mine. His name is Luca Bincoletto, he has often streamed here He used it on iracing, now he has stopped with simracing for reasons of time. Price 850 euros It also sells two monitors asus vg279ql1 180 euros each.
  9. Allyngr

    Sell Heusinkveld Classic Handbrake (UK)

    This item is in great condition with minimal use. £99 SOLD
  10. T

    Any sim racers from Canada?

    I’m from Totonto and is there anyone from Canada?
  11. rayjubb87

    Sell Heusinkveld Sprint with HRS plates

    SOLD Selling my Sprints. 2 pedal set. Bought new and used for around 18 months. I used the brake with a heavy die spring so most of the elastomers are unused. They come with the HRS pedal plates in black as well as the original pedal plates if you wish to swap back. The HRS plates are a...
  12. B

    Sell (UK) Sim Rig for sale

    Fanatec DD1 - SOLD Fanatec F1 wheel this is the blue F1 wheel from the DD1/PlayStation bundle- SOLD Note that DD1 is not the PlayStation version Fanatec leather Porsche wheel with button module and advanced paddle module - SOLD TR80 alone - SOLD PENDING COLLECTION Trakracer integrated triple...
  13. J

    Sell Fanatec, Heusinkveld gear

    Greetings below is what I will have for sale: Csl dd 8nm - 460 plus shipping Bmw gt2 v2 - 200 plus shipping Shifter - sold Handbrake - sold Heusinkveld pedals (gas brake and clutch.) - sold Samsung g9 with stand - 1000 plus shipping Fanatec gear (handbrake is an exception) under warranty for...
  14. F

    Sell BJ Sim Pedals

    SOLD BJ sim 2 load cell pedal set (throttle and brake) with upgraded blue Nitro flex elastomer. These pedals are extremely great for the price. Extremely well built, great adjustability, robust with great feel. Connects to PC via 1 usb cable. Utilizes DIView application to calibrate. Includes...
  15. rayjubb87

    Wanted HRS - HE Sprints Pedal plates - Black

    Looking for a set of black pedal plates by HRS for the Heusinkveld Sprints. If you're looking to get rid of a set, please give me a shout. Thanks, Ray.
  16. O

    Heusinkveld Ultimate Brake issue

    Hey all, Im having issues with my brake pedal. i have the 3 pedal ultimates +. the brakes dont work sometimes. i went into smart control and ill push on them and they work sometimes and dont work sometimes. it just started yesterday. what can i look for to solve this issue? they were...
  17. T

    Sell (USA) Heusinkveld Pro Pedals 3 Pedal Set + Extra Throttle Pedal (Full Kit, Mint)

    Hello, For sale is a 3 pedal set of Heusinkveld Pro Pedals. Pedals are in like-new condition and have been regularly maintained according to recommendations from Heuskinveld. I have also included an additional throttle pedal that I originally purchased as a spare part. I am selling because I...
  18. A

    Richard Burns Rally Controls Assignment Problem

    Hello guys, I'm unable to get RBR to run because I am unable to map the controlls correctly. It always picks up some "Z Axis" before I am able to actually press the input I want to assign. It's most likely because the Heusinkveld Ultimate pedals have a very weird Axis assignment - as you can...
  19. Have Your Say - What Do You Think Is The Next Big Hardware Development?

    Have Your Say - What Do You Think Is The Next Big Hardware Development?

    Just like real motorsports, sim racing is steadily evolving, and especially the hardware side of things has made enormous progress in recent years. With all the advancements having been made, this begs the very interesting question: What is next? Let us know your opinion in the comments below...
  20. tobykaku

    Sell (UK) Heusinkveld sprint 3 pedal set + baseplate

    SOLD Heusinkveld sprint 3 pedal set (with original packaging) and Heusinkveld baseplate (without original package), not to be sold separately All brake rubbers, brake adjustment tool included, some extra screws may be needed for mounting Purchased at the end of Jan 2021 £520 excluding shipping...