heusinkveld sim pedals sprint

  1. N

    Sell Complete Sim Racing Rig

    Price Drop Sim Racing Components, Collection from Kettering NN15 All items were purchased January 2021, Gloves have always been worn so there is very little wear on the wheel. Used every now and then until February 2022. I don't have any of the original boxes. Simucube 2 Pro - R2 - Sold Cube...
  2. H

    Will Heusinkveld Pedals/Shifter+Handbrake work with Fanatec DD2 system on Xbox

    Hi, I am looking to purchase a sim set up, i've been playing Assetto Corsa on Xbox for a long time with a controller but i played on a awesome motion sim recently and since then i've been saving up to buy myself a nice sim set up. I'm looking at using a Fanatec DD2 mounted to a SimLab P1X...
  3. Paul Jeffrey

    Heusinkveld Sim Pedals Sprint Interview and First Impressions

    We talk to Niels Heusinkveld and try out the soon to be released Heusinkveld Sim Pedals Sprint. Catching up with Niels Heusinkveld at the recent very busy Sim Racing Expo over in Germany, we took the opportunity to quiz the man behind Heusinkveld Engineering about his newly announced Sim Pedals...