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  1. orvlo

    weird graphic issue(((please help)))

    today i've fall of the map, then even after restart the game weird glitches started on most of maps i use and i totally have no idea how to fix it, so i would be grateful if someone know and wants to tell me (((sorry for every grammar mistake))
  2. P

    Missing dwrite.dll

    Hi guys, by accident i deleted my dwrite.dll file, what can i do now?
  3. efecakir35


    I uploaded a lot of save But when I will leave the house in all the door is locked PLEASE HELP HELLLLLLLLLP
  4. J

    How do you make tracks?

    How do you make tracks? Do you follow a video making it? I tried it but I can't seem get it right. My discord: JustLituanica "Justin"#8531
  5. L

    PC can't see the Thrustmaster TMX

    Hello there ! I just bought ACC for steam. I wanted to set up the wheel with the WheelCheck application. When I am clicking on the list, Thrustmaster TMX is not displayed. Did anyone have similar problems? Additionally, TMX is also not visible in the hardware configuration. Best regards,
  6. OneLife

    F1 2019 F1 2019: How to change the names of drivers

    Hello, I am currently in career mode and I would like to change the names of drivers to make a transfer system ..... Can you help me please (a permanent name change that remains even after restarting the games). thanks!