helmet pack

  1. A

    KTM Red Bull Helmet Pack 1.0

    A helmet pack requested by @KrNaG.TL Contain all KTM Red Bull rider's helmet (except Tech3 from GP class). Like my previous mod, they have their respective visor sticker and I remove their personal number except for Binder and Acosta (pardon my Photoshop skill) Helmet list: - Brad Binder -...
  2. A

    Custom Rider Helmet Pack 1.0

    A helmet pack for custom rider. It was for personal use at first, but I reckon why not share it here. It contains 19 helmets with their respective visor except for select few that I've been modified for my own. Hope you enjoy it :thumbsup: Helmet list: - AGV: Franco Morbidelli, Marco Bezzecchi...
  3. renjiro2020

    2021 Helmet Pack by spood 1.0

    Welcome to the 2021 Helmet Pack mod! thanks for all the support from all these months of helmet mods, i really appreciate it. now i present you with my biggest mod yet, one that i can atleast create well enough with my skillset. enjoy! CREDITS : Massive thanks to - Yus#3445 for helping me out...
  4. ilovehamilton

    2021 Helmet pack for F1 mania 2021 cars 1.3

    This helmet pack is complete but needs fixes like mazepins helmet.
  5. wesbe

    Daniil Kvyat career mode helmet pack 1.0

    Hello guys, there's a new career mode helmet pack coming from me. This time i have done Daniil Kvyat's helmets. I hope you like these helmets and have fun using them for your career mode!
  6. wesbe

    Devon Butler 10 Teams Career Mode Helmets 2019-10-20

    This is a mod which includes 10 helmets for Devon Butler in your career mode. If you want you could even use them for yourself... that's up to you... I hope you like the helmet pack :D have fun playing with it