helmet mod

  1. ScizorKikN

    F1 2021 Modded Helmets Blurry (Have tried everything I can think of)

    Like the title says, all of a sudden I all my modded Helmets are blurry, except for the visor attachment. I believe this is a mipmaps issue, whenever I go to use EGO ERP Archiver and it asks to me save mipmaps, it is saving the mipmaps back to the folder my mod is coming from and not the F1...
  2. renjiro2020

    Lime Green Ferrari Helmet 1.0

    Lime Green Ferrari helmet, mostly made of sharp design features, and a top design inspired by Raikkonen's helmet Special thanks to Yus#3445 (discord) for helping me out massively with testing and for taking screenshots Join my discord server : https://discord.gg/n6qf6bqgVD Helmet Pictures...
  3. Aitze

    Brendon Leigh's ROC Helmet 1.0

    Brendon asked me if I could make his helmet to F1 2018 and here it is. You are allowed to use this in your mods/videos as long as I get credited. If you have any issues, ask them in SUPPORT section, not in reviews