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helmet 2019

  1. meeuwdoetdingen

    Custom Anthoine Hubert helmet 1.0

    This is my own helmet for league racing, ofcourse you can edit you own way. i hope you like it, i tried my best how to install the helmet and make it
  2. T

    F1 2019 Bug when installing helmets?

    Anyone else got a problem with custom helmets not installing properly? Followed the Krisdix guide to the T, but in the menu, the helmets just look like blurry versions of the default helmets. They show up correctly in game, but when the race ends, the game freezes in the loading screen. Any...
  3. K

    F1 2019 F1 2019 helmet mod problem

    Hi, i have a problem with putting custom helmets in game, i'm doing everthing, step by step like it is in Krisdix's video and helmet doesn't even change it's self to a custom helmet..it stays in its default colors and pattern and it becoms blurry..can any one have a solution for this problem?
  4. K

    F1 2019 - Williams Career Mode Helmet 2019-03-17

    Obviously you can give me some tips and opinions on my work. This is my first helmet, includes also a version without number.
  5. JrEEmY

    Carlos Sainz 2019 1.0

    My first helmet , it's not 100% of replica. [Installation] SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\F1 2018\asset_groups\animation_package\scenes\incardriver\2018