1. tm19racing

    Helicorsa not working anymore

    Hello, Helicorsa suddenly stopped working, without me changing any settings. I tried reinstalling it, but nothing; even if I deactivated all apps (leaving only Helicorsa active), it does not appear in the list of apps on AC. Does anyone have any idea what could have happened? Thanks a lot in...
  2. Assetto Corsa Helicorsa sim racing app

    Assetto Corsa Helicorsa sim racing app

    In the second sim racing apps video series I take a look at the small and light weight car radar sim racing app Helicorsa for the sim racing title Assetto Co...
  3. J

    Apps My Mods Dont Work.. Help Needed

    Hi all. I have only been on pc for a week so I am new to all this modding etc. However, I have been installing mods manually and also letting content manager do the work for me but I still only have some working... Cars and tracks work fine, Sol seems to be working fine but no apps work.. I have...
  4. sdeups


    Hi, It's a radar to see the cars around you. You need SIMHUB and this file. Demo here :
  5. Martin Vindis

    HeliMobilista (evoHUD) 0.91

    Let me start of by saying thanks to Minolin for the idea of helicorsa and @kenken for evoHUD. If you're familiar with helicorsa then you already know what this is, if not go read the description for helicorsa. Installation Extract archive to your AMS root folder.