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  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Grosjean Handed 3-Place Grid Penalty for Norris Block

    Romain Grosjean has been docked three places on the starting grid following his Q1 block of McLaren driver Lando Norris in Bahrain qualifying. Grosjean would be found idling on the racing line into the final corner of the Bahrain International Circuit as Lando Norris looked to complete a fast...
  2. formulaHEINE

    Rich Energy F4 Team 2019 - Formula RSS 4 [4K + 2K] 2.0

    This skinpack is a fictional creation of an next-generation driver development team based on Formula 4 cars and sponsored by Rich Engery for the Formula RSS 4 mod for Assetto Corsa from Race Sim Studio. The pack features detailed custom car, driver and crew textures, Hankook tire textures and...
  3. Neasty

    Kevin Magnussen 2019 Haas Helmet 1.1

    reviews and feedback appreciated Installation guide in download file
  4. Rogerson Roller

    Haas F1 Team 2019 concept Semi-Metalic for Formula Hybrid 2018 - Assetto Corsa PC 1.0

    Install: Extract and copy the folder ''Rich_Energy_Haas'' to the directory where the game is installed, in my case it is here: C: \ Program Files \ steam \ steamapps \ Assetto Corsa \ content \ cars \ rss_formula_hybrid_2018 \ skins. Haas F1 Team 2019 concept Semi-Metalic for Formula Hybrid...
  5. Rodriggo

    Haas Marlboro [Fantasy] 1.0

    Modern day Haas meets 70's Mclaren Marlboro zip includes: - copy-paste "haas.erp" - dds files of ui, driver, and garage elements If you decide to override your game files with these PLEASE MAKE SURE TO BACKUP FIRST!
  6. SashaF1Game

    Haas VF-19 | F1 2019 MOD 1.0

    Hello everyone! I'm posting the first part of my "F1 2019 MOD", in this case the Haas F1 Team VF-19. This mod contains actually only the car livery, but in the future I'm gonna update this with suits and everything else. SCREENSHOTS IMPORTANT: IN CASE OF ANY PROBLEM, YOU CAN CONTACT...
  7. R

    Fantasy Haas Rich Energy F1 Team + Haas Helmet Logos 1.0

    Fantasy Haas Rich Energy F1 Team: Haas Helmet Logos for your design (only logos):
  8. KaleF1_CRO

    Rich Energy Haas 2019 skin 2018-12-01

    Rich Energy Haas 2019 fantasy skin this is just my fantasy skin, hope you like it replace hr2 backup your files before change skins let me know if you want something like this to continue work also maybe some suggestions and advices :D + I would like to create 2019 mod, any help would be great :)
  9. Aitze

    Rich Energy Haas 1.0

    REMEMBER BACK UP!!! My Rich Energy Haas livery for F1 2018 This mod is made fully by me. You are allowed to use this mod as part of your mod or video for example as long as you give me credit. If you have any questions leave them to the support page, not to reviews!
  10. Rodriggo

    Haas Texaco [Fantasy] 1.1

    Slight recoloring and rebranding to give the Haas some character, based loosely on the Mansell driven Newman/Haas IndyCar. ISSUES: I’ve included just the mipmaps that were “edited” but please note I did not override any of the original mipmaps in the game files location. I saved these among my...
  11. pablotill

    BENETTON FORD B193 (HAAS) FANTASY 2018 2018-11-06 V1

    For an a petition of @NishikinoSan i did the BENETTON FORD B193 over HAAS chasis. Based on this car If you like it, please rate it :p
  12. pablotill

    HAAS Rich Energy Team 2019 (Fantasy) 2018-10-30 Suit

    This mod doesn't work online Hi everyone :cool: From an idea of requests thread, i did a new Haas team with the new main partner, Rich Energy. Its a fantasy skin. Hope you like it. If you like, please rate :p Constructive ideas will be welcome.
  13. wesbe

    Haas Career Helmet 2018-10-14

    Haas Career Helmet for you guys. If you want the red/black gloves in your game you just have to replace the career_haas_helmet_d.tga texture in the incardriver.erp file with the file called: "com_06_d".
  14. xTiKzF1

    HAAS VF-19 CONCEPT by xTiKz 1.1

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You can follow me on INSTA, I always post my new designs! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello! This is one of my custom liveries that I make on F1...
  15. Paul Jeffrey

    Leclerc: "Magnussen is and always will be stupid"

    Charles Leclerc certainly didn't mince his words following a bizarre crash with Kevin Magnussen at the Japanese Grand Prix. Bringing out a safety car that led to plenty of dramatic action at the Japanese Grand Prix earlier today, Sauber driver Charles Leclerc wasn't short of a word or two about...
  16. Paul Jeffrey

    Haas Retain Grosjean, Magnussen Next Year

    Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen to remain with Haas F1 in 2019. The Haas F1 team have confirmed incumbent drivers Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen will remain with the American squad next season, closing down yet another opportunity for Esteban Ocon and Stoffel Vandoorne to extend their...
  17. K

    Haas Career Helmet Design 2018-09-27

    bladerunner2k5 Requested a Haas clean helmet design, so here it is! I really think that this is my most cool design! Credits to Kris for the Helmet 3D model. Thanks once again! Hope you guys like!
  18. Finaux

    Career Helmet - Gothic Haas (Rich Energy Update) 2.0

  19. B

    Original early season cars for Haas, Torro Rosso and Mercedes 2018-09-16

    These are the original cars from the 1.05 version F1 2018, so early 2018 season configurations and paint schemes. Haas has its distinctive halo with aero spikes, Torro Rosso has clean blue halo and so on. Mercedes has fewer shimmers on it suspension arms than the 1.06 version. I've saved these...
  20. Paul Jeffrey

    Renault Protest Grojean's Haas

    Renault have lodged a protest against the legality of Romain Grosjean's Haas Ferrari following the conclusion of the Italian Grand Prix. UPDATE: Grosjean disqualified Statement from the Monza race stewards: “While the Stewards are also sympathetic to the difficulties of producing these parts...