haas 2018

  1. F

    Haas (version 2018) 2021-01-25

    Bonjour, Je vous propose cette livré de l'écurie Haas dans sa version 2018 que j'ai essayé de faire au plus proche de la vrai mais dans le jeu de 2020 avec en plus ses logos des "100 GP". Sur la 4ème photo, vous verrez la séparation entre le rouge et le gris de la voiture que j'ai entouré en...
  2. R


    Heyy I bring you a new skin, this time plays the Haas, based on the Russian gp. In the rar you can find the grosjean and magnussen helmets and also a custom Ferrari style steering wheel in the interiors folder. The skin is based on the ferrari chassis but you copy the folders in cars and...
  3. KeisariKine

    Haas VF18 Mod 1.3

    Haas showed off their new car and I made it into F1 2017, obviously the car still has the sharkfin and there is no halo (though most people will prefer that :p). As of now the mod only includes the car (4 textures modified, decal, paint and numbers 8 and 20) A speed-up video of me making...