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  1. Verde_msk

    Datsun 240z - Bob Sharp Racing GTU 1.0

    My first skin in years and first uploaded here. Based on 240z raced in IMSA GTU class 1976. There are two versions - one with painted lights glass and second with standard dirt 2 one. Painted one is not good in night because of emission :) So choose any you like. P.S. snow wheels are colored...
  2. christoph1954

    H3-RWD - Datsun 240Z in chrome-green Becks Beer livery 2020-04-06

    To me, the Z240 is the most beautiful car in this game - maybe the ALPINE or the ASTON MARTIN come a bit close. So it was time to give her a very fancy paint, and I love the green of the Becks bottles. Further I discovered how to turn on the "Chrome" on the specular texture - and I did!!! So it...