1. Jon c

    Grand Prix 1979 Mod v2.5 for GTR2 2018-06-30

    Be sure to read install instructions do not install userdata folder without backing up nose cam requires new file.if you use nose cam. Track pack available here: **** Grand Prix 1979 Mod v2.5 for...
  2. Jon c

    Isle of Man for GTR² v1.0 2018-06-30

    Isle of Man for GTR² -------------------------------- converted by Superkolos -from GPL -and GTR parts of frank.55 works for gtr included (aiw-file) This track is for private training only ai drives not so good... If somebody could make an good aiw contact me please...
  3. Jon c

    A1-Ring 2001 for GTR2 V2.1 2018-06-30

    A1-Ring 2001 for GTR2 V2.1 ========================== A while ago, derDumeklemmer released this track for GTL. It is based on the older GTR2 version by Dutch Devil. Since it looks a lot better throught the new multi-mapping and transitions, I asked permission to reverse this version to GTR2. I...
  4. GTR233

    GTR2 DEMO 1.3

    GTR2 10th Anniversary Patch for the Demo v1.3 --------------------------------------------- Full GTR2 10th Anniversary Patch is only compatible with full GTR2 game, so if you buy GTR2 then it is available here This...
  5. Jon c

    Porsche.911.Turbo.Cup.v1.02.GTR2 2018-06-24

    CAN BE USED WITH BMW CSL CUP. Recommend F179 track pack, available in downloads. Porsche 911 Turbo Cup for GTR2 by papagis (incl. sound-files) //---Version 1.0 Original Model for GTL- Simbin Converted to GTR2 - scca1981 engine - Crocko05 //---Story: Porsche board decided to celebrate the 35...
  6. Jon c

    F1 79 GPC Track Pack To GTR2 2018-06-23

    F179 Cars Here: GPCMonaco79 GPCBuenosAires GPCDijon GPCHockenheim GPC Interlagos 79 GPCJarama GPCKyalami79 GPCLongBeach GPCMontreal GPCMonza79 GPCOsterreich79 GPCSilverstone79 GPCWatkinsGlen79 GPCZandvoort...
  7. Jon c

    Paul Ricard HTTT v2_2 by NeelJ Paul Ricard HTTT v2.2

    French : Paul Ricard HTTT 1.0 Pour GTR2 Model 3D sous 3dsamax : Loco Fichier AIW : Thierry81 Fichier Cam : Loco Texturage : Neel Jani Beta Test : Les execelents Pilotes Virtuels de GPF1 (Pas assez de place pour tous les citer lol) Merci a Carrera4 qui ne...
  8. Jon c

    BirmhmSprix GTR2 2018-06-23

    Readme 01/05/2008 Madcowie, made this track for Nascar2003 about 5 years ago, permission was sought from him a long time ago, to have it in rFactor and recently I got around to doing it with the intention of using the F3000 and touring cars in Race07, and we thought some may like it in GTR2...
  9. Jon c

    BTCC TrackPack.7z 2018-06-23

    Thruxton croft07 Snetterton rockingham oulton park island knockhill Silverstone donnington
  10. Jon c

    BMW.M3.McLaren.V12.Cup.v1.0.GTR2 2018-06-23

    BMW M3 McLaren V12 Cup for GTR2 League Edition Version : 1.0 idea and basic-mod : RickM33 overworked & arranged with friendly permission Mod-info : ------------- this modified BMW M3 GTR is not based on a real racing car and its created pure fictional. Overall are 40 different skins included...
  11. C

    VLM Sebring 12HR - AIW Update 1.0

    Here is a new AIW file for Virtua_LM Sebring. This is currently only for the 12hr course, possibly with the others to follow. The cars now run about a second a lap quicker purely down to smoother racing lines and braking points. Main changes: Turns 3,4,5 - Tightened the apexes. Later turn in...
  12. ChriKoh

    Spaburgring for GTR2 2.0

    Spaburgring - 7.317 km long fictional racing-circuit for GTR2 by ChrisKoh-Circuits After I've been interested in racetrack-layouts for many years and have designed several fictional ones myself, now here's the first one for which I've also done the work to build a surrounding landscape and...
  13. Highbank

    GTR2 NGT Nissan 350Z #40 Bass Ale (Fictional) Skin 1.0

    Skin #2...You know how it is, you get rolling with one template, you just keep painting...another fictional 350Z ENJOY!
  14. Highbank

    GTR2 NGT Nissan 350Z #51 Beck Arnley (Fictional) Skin 1.0

    One of my driver cars...fictional, but y'all know we need more of these babies in the fields...
  15. Friedrichpc

    Lister Storm "Vitaphone Racing" 2018-06-14

    Lister Storm Skin made by kikokiko
  16. G

    2007 Spanish GT Carpack 1.0

    This is a selection of cars from the 2007 Spanish GT Championship for GTR2 Most cars are stock GTR2 models except the Ferrari F430 GTC, Porsche 997 GT3 RSR which are From the 2007 ALMS Mod. Ferrari 360 Challenge model by Wildman is included.
  17. G

    2001 European Le Mans Series 1.0

    2001 European Le Mans Series mod for GTR2 by GTR2Field and Rosicky10 Mod uses the Prototype SCC Mod for the LMP Cars. Mod is the same that was hosted at No Grip Racing before the site went offline Photos To Follow
  18. GTR233

    La Ronde Cevenole by JCRR 1.1

    Circuit de la Ronde Cevenole Light (41km + 1km pits) by JCRR (5 years of work!!!) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Video by Nappe1 This archive was compressed with 7-zip archiver v18.05 (update your archiver if it tells you that the archive is...
  19. David Wright

    Power & Glory for GTR 2 3.2

    Power&Glory v3.2 Complete Installer Description: The aim of the Power&Glory mod is to produce the cars included in Simbin's GT Legends as close as we can to the way they were in the 60s and 70s. All cars have new physics and sounds, along with extensive textures and 3D modifications. We have...