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gtr evo

  1. abrimaal

    Elkhart Lake 90 202012

    Based on Road America / Elkhart Lake track by SimBin After Thruxton 1985 this is the next graphic mod being a tribute to classic games and retro computers. This track probably will never be finished, it was intended to release it in December 2019, but there was too much not done. Now it's...
  2. abrimaal

    BMW E24 M6 for GTR Evo 202012

    Car converted from Assetto Corsa, credit to Assetto Land is visible in the garage. Although I was informed, that the Assetto Corsa car was based on GTR 2 model and created by someone else. Conversion 202011 by Carsay I did what I could to the graphics, to give the cars the closest look to the...
  3. abrimaal

    Mr Beep for GTR Evo 202010

    A funny compact 1960s car to compete with VW Beetle, Trabant, Citroen 2CV, Renault Dauphine etc. 3D model by SQUIR @renderhub.com Converted to GTR Evo by Carsay. It is a high poly model. It is possible to slow down the game, although 20 Beep cars at once go smoothly. Some small details...
  4. abrimaal

    Veschova 2018 discontinued

    Giallo, Carsay here. VESCHOVA 2018 This track is a re-textured Birmingham. Because the street layout resembled the ſtadt where I live, I made this mod for fun and to learn how to struggle with tracks. The project is discontinued. I gave up when I realized that so many objects don't use 1x1...
  5. abrimaal

    Porsche Panamera 2010 - Race 07 GTR Evo 202008

    Porsche Panamera Turbo 2010 by VictorHunter for RFactor Shift Street converted to Race 07 / GTR Evo / ATCC3 by Carsay, 2019-2020 This is the first release at RaceDepartment. added in this version: multiple classes (.inclass files) minor updates: cameras, car and interior colors, details...
  6. N

    Sochi Autodrom 2019-09-30

    Conversion from Gtr2... Extract in ...GameData/Location folder.
  7. abrimaal

    Porsche Cayenne for Race 07 202008

    Model created by someone else (unknown) for ShiftStreet, RFactor. Converted to Race 07 and textured by Karsay. The engine and physics are fictional (from other cars, mixed). With this physics the car is fully drivable. The original physics does not work here. The original .hdc and other files...
  8. abrimaal

    FSO Warszawa 201 for Race 07 / GTR Evo 202004

    FSO Warszawa 201 1957 for Race 07 The author of the original model is unknown, the car appeared in Lowrider Extreme game. Converted to Race 07 / GTR Evo by Carsay & Yuca. The interior and the cockpit must be re-worked. Temporarily using the cockpit from Mercedes 300 SL. It will be not...
  9. abrimaal

    Jaguar XJ X300 V8 RockStars for Race 07 GTR Evo 201905

    Jaguar XJ X300 V8 Based on the Super Touring Reloaded safety car model by AndreasFSC Cockpit used from Super Touring Volvo 850 Intended to start in V8 Supercars. It may require GTR Evo sounds. known bugs: Sounds not good at full speed Brakelight not perfect Interior driver invisible Cockpit...
  10. abrimaal

    Alpine A110 1600 for Race 07 / GTR Evo 201904

    Alpine A110 1600 Car model created by: Speedster63 for GTL and GTR2 converted to Race07 / GTR Evo by Carsay Uses audio of GTL Alpine A110 (if you have already installed the GTL addon, no need to install the sounds) Bonus: ATCC class menu buttons and templates. ______________ known bugs...
  11. abrimaal

    Animations for AMS Renault test track 1.0

    This small mod replaces static pictures in the track AMS Renault test track by Yves Larose https://www.racedepartment.com/threads/ams-renault-test-track.73173/ with Renault related short videos. Backup the original files before overwriting. AMS.trk obj493.gmt obj495.gmt obj497.gmt...