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gt satsuma

  1. Linkoln_TECH

    Full GT Satsuma with suitcase save game 2021 0.2.8

    Features: • Unlocked keys for Hayosiko, Ruscko, Gifu. • Unlocked cabin, Jouko's new house. • Suitcase with 1850000 markkas. • Player money 500000 markkas. • Bought important tuning parts. • Installed all GT parts and twin carburetor. • Bought all technical fluids and supplies. • Bought sausages...
  2. L

    Original Satsuma GT 1.0

    everything in the engine is new from fleetari. It has race flywheel, twin carburators and rally suspension thats the only aftermarket parts that it has rest is stock like the gt should be. Have Fun! PS: it has been trough inspection so you do have a plate :)
  3. CagriArslan86

    My Summer Car Original GT Satsuma Save Game For 12.07.2019 12.07.2019