gt omega art

  1. Fastard

    GT Omega Art missing parts(?)

    I had a GT Omega stand and I ordered the seat frame+an R6 seat in order to transform my stand to a full cockpit. Back in time I remember having hard times putting everything together as the instructions were very limited. When I finished the assembly I had two black metal rods that didn't seem...
  2. A

    Sell (USA) GT Omega ART w/ Monitor Mount - $120

    Selling a GT Omega ART rig with single monitor mount for $120. Originally purchased in July 2018 Very good condition. Pedal plate has 2 additional holes drilled and some cosmetic scratches. No seat included. Photos available upon request. Located in Southern California, USA.
  3. S

    DIY Bass shakers for GT Omega Art?

    Originally, I was going to purchase a Buttkicker Gamer 2. But I heard for that price, I can purchase 4 transducers, amps and sound card for about the same price and get a better experience? Researching amazon, I see I have 2 options: Dayton Audio TT25-8 for $18.44 AuraSound AST-2B-4 Pro for...