gt brasil

  1. Carlos_M92

    GT Brasil 2007-2009 extra skins 2019-05-24

    5 extra skins to be used on Brazilian GT mod ( 2010-2011 extra liveries coming next week 2007 - A.Mattheis Motorsport #9 - Lamborghini Gallardo (Curitiba) 2008 - A.Mattheis Motorsport #9 - Dodge Viper CC...
  2. Carlos_M92

    Base files for GT Brasil 2007-2013 Mod 1.0

    First of all - Race Department uploading is failing, so for now, I hope the moderators give me a chance to usa a temporary external link included on the TXT file, until I fix my internet or they fix that bug in their upload system (can't say which one is the main source of the problem yet, but I...