1. V

    Sell D-BOX Gen1 3250i (3DOF Motion) #EU only

    Hi, selling my D-BOX Gen 1 3250i (3DOF Motion) because my healthy issues and motivation problem, I used only few times in the last year. bought autumn in 2019 from local distributor in USA, box was unopened and new no warranty but these last forever it comes everything what is needed, D-Box...
  2. AaronF80

    SFX-100 Build: AaronF80

    I am starting down the road of building out my sim rig, and have closely followed the SFX mega-thread here in preparation. There have been several suggestions at a complete build thread start to finish from other readers, and as I needed a place to keep things organized as I go, I am going to...
  3. HugoB

    SimXperience GS-5 Seat

    Any news? Beta testers? When can we expect it on the market? What will it cost for us Europeans?